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Parenting Tips for Parents-To-Be

Parenting Tips for Parents-To-Be

Surely babies do not come with an instruction manual with tips to raise them; we parents go to a whole new level from their frisky behaviour to make sure their baby gets the best and they are prepared for everything that comes to them during the time of pregnancy and after childbirth.

Right from reading the famous pregnancy books like ‘What to Expect when you are Expecting’ to browsing through the internet to look for those small tips and then at times we find solace and confidence when we hear from the women in the family, mothers and grandmothers heritage tips and hear out parents who have spent some glorious years raising their bundle of joy. Here’s a list of few basic tips for the soon to be parents.

A Home for your baby

As soon to be parents, with joy and excitement in abundance, we start hoarding stuff for the baby, the things that will soon be needed; feeding bottles, clothes, toys, throws and what not. Along with all other stuff, one most important thing to keep in mind is the hygiene of the home. New-borns are sensitive towards all sorts of germs and bacteria. Thus it is important to get your house sanitized thoroughly on a regular basis even before childbirth. For people who have smokers in the family, make a strict protocol of no-smoking inside the house as it is not only detrimental to the health of the baby but also affects the health of the mother.


Someone rightly remarked ‘Patience is the Key’ and you get the real sense of it during pregnancy and post pregnancy phase as well. It is very important for soon to be parents to garner patience during the times when you feel too overwhelmed taking care of your child. Raising a child needs a lot of patience and needless to say, sleepless nights, a crying baby or mood swings are inevitable during that time.

Ask when you need help

Do not sweat out on small stuff. There will be plenty of times where you will find yourself juggling lots of things while you are raising your newborn. Ask for help when you need. It’s the time where you and your baby need to stay close and spend the majority of the time. So seek help for other chores if you need. One of the mistakes we make is to compare other mothers and babies around us with ourselves. It is crucial that you avoid such thoughts as you have no idea of what’s happening in their lives. The key is to make the best use of the resources you have at hand to assist you during your post-pregnancy phase.

Baby Products

This is something every parent does. Yet, we often miss out on something very crucial while we buy everything else. Make a list of things you would need immediately after childbirth. This can save a lot of time after the birth. Times like this, take tips from the women in your family or other mothers around you on things that you would need immediately after childbirth. Stock up everything in advance. Most importantly, do not compromise on quality products.

Health is Wealth

It is very important for the mother to be in good health for a healthy baby. Expectant mothers should devote a lot of time knowing what to eat and how to stay healthy to avoid any complications in the later state. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with your spouse to kick-start a healthy life with your baby.

Do not feel burned out! This is quite natural for expecting women to feel it that way since you are constantly on the lookout for information to keep your baby healthy and safe. You may do your own research or receive unsolicited advice. So take a moment. Breathe. And relax. Do not incline on following every advice you receive. Take one step at a time and you will see parenting coming naturally to you.