Home Parenting Kids Pets and Children – A bond of compassion and love.

Pets and Children – A bond of compassion and love.

Pets and Children – A bond of compassion and love.

Whenever you enter your house from work and you see your child and your pet running towards you. Their love and affection will take all your tiredness away and it will also make you feel wanted. 

Children have a great ability to love without prejudice which is what adults often miss. Nowadays with outdoor activities becoming less and lesser, their contact with the outside world has become limited. To fill this void, pets at home can be very helpful.

A pet at home can be a help in many ways, it will teach a single child to share. It will also teach responsibility to them. A pet in the house is a very good stress-buster for everyone, provided the adults in the house love animals.

Children are often drawn to animals, even to the lions in the zoo, they are not scared of anything and are inquisitive to know or explore everything. When they have a pet at home, they have a companion who will copy them and be with them all the time. Like parents, the pet will also wait for the children to come home and he will show his eagerness to be with the child. This way the child will learn to love. He will understand that the pet is a family member and has to be treated with kindness and care. Pets often show that they are needy of love, attention and care and a child understands it better than adults.

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Having a pet at home teaches a child compassion for a life which cannot often help itself. Pets help children to learn how to take care of their loved ones. Pets and children are always together. They eat together, sleep together and also study together. They are playmates too. Pets are very responsive to dangers and often save children or alert parents about it.

For a single child at home, a pet is a good companion. Especially, when the child is going through teenage. They tend to relax when they are with their pets.

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As a pet and a child grow together, they see the world in harmony. They understand the need to love and to care better and also teach fellow children about the same.

In this world, where love and empathy are slowly evaporating, we need more of it being taught to our children and if it is being done through an animal then why not!