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Postnatal Care – A Necessity !

Postnatal Care – A Necessity !

Pregnancy in the life of a woman is a new chapter: a new phase. It not only changes the life of a woman but transforms her into a completely new being. A petite girl from a willowy mother. From vitals of “ zero “ to cups of D. From Forever 21 to Mothercare; it’s a complete journey of transition.

The care and rest taken in gestation lead to a healthy motherhood. Though the pattern is different, but the effect is equal. Prenatal includes diet which is important for postnatal.

Gestation includes three trimesters. From the second trimester, mammary glands are getting fluids which become milk. Milk ducts are becoming large in size and open for the suction. The breasts become tender and sensitive, though painful. It all depends on different bodies and the flow. But more a mother breastfeeds, it benefits to both.

Postnatal care includes diet, more helpful it would be freshly cooked food. Soups and herbal concoction helps in cleansing the body. It detoxifies the blood which has been collected in the body for almost forty weeks! The midwives who are trained for this help a lot. They follow the food course which helps a new mother for lactation and
regain strength.

Stress and emotional imbalance are major factors for health deterioration. A healthy body accompanied by strong emotions; a tranquillity.

Family members should be helpful in understanding the imbalance. A partner plays a pivot in this journey. Helping and accompanying one’s spouse is all that you need majorly to boost the temperament.
Dairy and products help in increasing the milk, strengthens the bones as well.
The bundle of joy needs all the care and concern and every day is a new day. Exhaustion after childbirth requires physical strength which can be attained by proper nutrition.

Exercise helps a mother to be active and combat laziness. A simple walk can also help to keep the body and mind fresh. A new mom and the baby is much prone to infections. Personal hygiene of both should be taken care of.
Postnatal care is eminent for both, depending on the provisions and urgency.