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Power of Positivity – Some Lessons to Guide Your Day

Power of Positivity – Some Lessons to Guide Your Day
Power of Positivity

A real-life experience based on the “Power of Positivity”!

As a psychologist, I always believe in the “power of positivity”. I always believe that no matter what may come, if we are positive, there is nothing in this life which can break us. I always believe that the kind of causes we will create for ourselves, the effects will be the same. We have always been taught that “the way we think is the way we feel, and the way we feel is the way we act”.

So, if we think positive, we will feel and act positive or vice versa. This article is on the power of positivity and the attitude of “never giving up”.

Power of Positivity
Power of Positivity
A new challenge came to my life which helped me strengthen my faith in being “positive”. Two months back, I got to know that my maid’s son was suffering from a brain tumour and that too a malignant one.

Her son is 12 years old and lives in Nepal. It was heartbreaking news for me, the doctor in Nepal suggested them to come to Delhi for the treatment. On the very first day as soon as they came, I took them to Vimhans and met a Neuro-surgeon.

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The tumour was very big and that too malignant. So, the boy had only one percent chance of survival. Even after the surgery which in itself is very expensive. He also suggested two surgeries, one for the correction of facial disfigurement and the other for tumour removal. It was devastating news for all.

Power of Positivity
Power of Positivity
I shared this with my friend who motivated me to take this as a challenge and motivated me to fight for this boy. Having firm faith in the “power of positivity” I gained confidence that this boy will survive and I will do whatever to save him. I shared the significance and importance of being positive to my maid and told her that mother’s prayers definitely work for the child. My maid quickly understood and started believing that her son will come out of this problem victorious.

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The boy’s parents took him to AIIMS and after days of struggle and waiting in long queues, they finally met the doc, but the doctor refused to treat him even after seeing his condition and in fact scolded them and threatened them to report this case to the police as the appointment was made on his father’s Aadhar card and not the boy’s Aadhar card. This really de-motivated his parents. But we remain positive and continued believing that he will absolutely be Cancer free.

Next, I contacted one NGO and got the reference to someone in the ministry of health and he agreed to help us wholeheartedly.
He arranged for a meeting with a senior neurosurgeon in RML hospital. When I reached the hospital, the doctor was going for some meeting. He told me to come after 3-4 days. But I kept waiting for him outside his room for 3-4 hours. I kept believing that the doctor will meet us today itself. His assistance told me that the condition of the hospital is bad and there are no rooms and beds available.

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People have to wait for months and months for their surgery and days to get any of their tests done.
But after 3-4 hours when the doc came back, he responded in a supportive manner. Finally, he arranged for a bed. Also, his first surgery to put the stunt was planned that very evening even without asking for his ID proof.
This was the huge protection and support from the universe based on “never give up” attitude. This experience showed me the actual “power of positivity”. Now I was 100 percent sure that his complete recovery was not very far off. I just felt as if the whole universe was supporting us.
After the surgery, RML hospital suggested that the child required radiotherapy, so they referred him to the other hospital.

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The next 15-20 days were the test of our faith in being positive. The boy and his parents had to visit various hospitals but no treatment was given. The condition of the boy was critical when I showed him to a doc in a private hospital. It was at this juncture, I again met a person who motivated me and he arranged a meeting with a senior doc in LNJP hospital and that very day we got a bed in the hospital.
I have complete faith in this saying that “if you really strive for something in life, the whole universe gets together for you to achieve it”.
The final surgery to remove a tumour was very complicated as a tumour was at this position which controls the vital organs of the body and any small mistake during the operation would have made the boy paralytic or any other serious repercussion.

But we did not lose hope and kept with the strong faith in the “Power of Positivity”.

The doctor was confident that a tumour was malignant but said that there could be only one percent chance that a tumour will be treated fairly. We were fighting for that one percent chance and had firm faith to change poison into the medicine based on the power of being positive. Finally, the day of the operation came and the operation was successful.

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The boy was conscious immediately after the surgery and didn’t require ventilator support which is a regular feature in these kinds of complicated surgeries as his. His 95 percent of a tumour was successfully removed without any effects of it on the body. Hence, all our efforts of thinking positive were being answered at every step.
The biggest victory was when we got to know that a tumour was benign and not malignant. Now the boy is completely recovered and doing fine. This victory would not have been possible without the support of my family members and friends who were always there to support me and guide and pray for the boy wholeheartedly.

In life, problems will keep coming and we cannot have a life which is problem free. Each one of us has our own journey of ups and downs. But what really matters is how we deal with these challenges and make our life victorious at every step. The choice is completely ours based on our own thought process to be the “Hero of our own life”.

Power of Positivity
Power of Positivity
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Dr. Mansi has over 10 years of experience in the field of counselling, teaching & specializes in child and adolescence counselling, mind-body balance, emotional freedom techniques and brain-gyming. She completed her P.H.D in Psychology- Child Healthcare and her and M.A in Counselling Psychology and M.Sc. in Health Psychology from Nottingham. She has written various research papers. She has worked with Escorts Health Institute and Research Centre, Mindtrack, and Smart Services and is currently Professor of Health and Sports Psychology at an esteemed university in Delhi. She has done training for volunteers in Common Wealth Games, along with Delhi Police Training.