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Pregnancy is Celebrated.. When it is Socially Acceptable!

“She knew She Would be Judged for Being So Young”
Kylie has said she kept her fans in the dark about her pregnancy because she did not want to through this phase of her life in the limelight.

The star felt she needed to take on “the role of a lifetime” in a stress-free and healthy way.

Pregnancy is Celebrated – The 20-year-old beauty guru and reality star welcomed a girl with boyfriend Travis Scott on Thursday, using Instagram and YouTube Sunday to finally announce her pregnancy and announce her baby girl’s birth.

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People initially learned that Jenner was expecting in September, however, the star didn’t reveal any details.pregnancy is celibrated

“She really wasn’t ready for the pregnancy news to come out,” a source tells exclaims. “She knew it was inevitable, but she knew she would be judged for being so young.”

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“Kylie’s very sensitive and is obsessed with her public image,” added the source. “When she started gaining weight, that’s when she really started going under the radar. She didn’t want the public scrutiny and didn’t think it would be healthy for her or the baby.

While the privacy was one thing Jenner felt necessary close her pregnancy and daughter’s birth, it’s possible that she could open up a little more in the close future.

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“Being out of the spotlight has helped Kylie prepare for the baby, but she is also thinking about her life after giving birth,” the insider says.
I am addicted to feeling my baby move. I think it could be comparable to taking a drug – it makes me feel elated.

“She can take things as they are available, however, she’s excited to urge back out there and commemorate once more,”.

A second source said that Jenner has been trying forward to everything that is out of the general public eye can usher in new motherhood.
“She pretty much enjoys being out of the spotlight and can’t wait to spend quiet time with the baby,”.

“She doesn’t appear in any rush to urge back to a more public life,” adds the corporate executive.


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