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Parents Need to Know Presence is More Important Than Presents

Parents Need to Know Presence is More Important Than Presents
YES!! For children, Love equals the time parents spend with them. And it’s that simple. Raising a smart child is not a case of expensive education and extracurricular activities, it’s simply a result of doing what comes naturally to you as a mom. 

Children need relationships and a sense of attachment to thrive for their development. Parents just 15 minutes of focused time each day can be beneficial for your child. Spending focused time with your kids each day boosts their brain development.

You Always are Your Child’s Favorite Toy’.

Being a parent is tough. Building a career and raising a family, both are daunting tasks. But spending time with your kids should always remain your first responsibility. The relationship between parents and children is established at a very young age. Children learn to rely on their parents for everything. Even though parents may work full-time away from home, they can still be present in their child’s life. They can still do all they can to develop a strong relationship with their child based on love and understanding.

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Offscreen Time:
Parents Need to Know
Thankful Tree. Kids will love to help draw, cut and color the paper leaves. Adventures in Learning.

Find screen-free activities you enjoy doing with your kids: Plan a time when the whole family will go ‘offline’ and stick to it. Playing a card game, carom or pictureka (I love playing it) or a walk in the nearby park, can help you indulge in more activities with your kids.

 Parents Need to Know Presence is More Important Than Presents
DIY ideas that won’t leave you with a mega mess afterward. Sure you could use potatoes

The best holiday time is being a Pinterest mom, creating many amazing DIYs with kids. Learning, creativity, and spending time together all in one go.

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Quality Time:
Parents Need to Know Presence is More Important
Kids want more than anything is time with the family. Make that your biggest gift this year.

Focus on quality time, not quantity. Giving your child your full presence and undivided attention, let it be a few minutes, is one of the best gifts you can give them.

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Presence is More Important Than Presents Parents Need to Know
activities will keep your kids — from toddlers to teens — busy and burning energy!

Physical Touch:Physical touch is the winner. Deep hugs, tickle and kisses should become a part of your routine, it provides you with an instant way to connect.

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Babies can be so silly and funny 🙂 They just never fail to make us laugh! Here’s a compilation …

Encouraging Words:Every time you are with your kids switch yourself to use more affirming language by praising the effort he put into his work, the shift in their mood would be obvious. Thank you, love you, great, keep doing it!!! These words work as magic on their brain.

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Making the effort to discover your kids’ love will help improve your relationship with them. Communication is one of the best investments of time in the parenting journey.

Happiness comes from connection, meaning and contribution, not from things.

Your time is an invaluable gift to give to your child, Keep giving it !!