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Best Father’s Day Gifts for all kinds of dads

Best Father’s Day Gifts for all kinds of dads

Just one day to celebrate your father and his efforts doesn’t seem enough but once we get that one day we should make the most of it. It is hardest thing to find the correct present for your superhero dad because he always seems to want nothing. But we all strive to give our dads the best of things that we can as small thank you for all his efforts and love.
Are you still clueless about what to give him for Father’s day this year?
Here is a list of presents curated by us, of presents that you can give your favourite superhero.

For the Nerdy Father:

If your father always has his reading glasses on and his nose behind a book or the newspaper, he sure is a nerd dad. It is best to give him presents that will appeal to his nerdy side. It can be loads and loads of books. Some books that your father would love to read regardless of his field of interests o profession are:

  • THE SELLOUT by Paul Beatty: This book is set in American context and is written by an African- American writer about the African-American struggle in the United States of America. It also one the Man Booker Prize and will be a perfect read for your dad.
  • GILEAD by Marilynne Robinson: It is an epistolary novel (written in the form of letters). A set of father’s letters to his son that unfolds the history of the Midwest. A good read for your father in terms of form as well as content.
  • A HOUSE FOR MR. BISWAS by V.S Naipaul: A book by a Nobel Laureate is never a bad pick. It’s a fictional portrayal of the author’s own father. The book is passionately written and is very interesting as well. Gift it to your dad and watch him get hooked to it.

For the Beardy Father:

If your dad loves to sport a beard and is always taking great care of it at all times it is best to give him gifts that would perfect his bearded look. Some of the best beard grooming products are:

  • The Great Beard Pack by Ustra: This pack includes a mooch wax, a beard softener, mooch and beard oil and also a beard shampoo and you can easily get it at Happily Unmarried.

  • Beard Comb Set by Ustra: This will also be available at Happily Unmarried. It is a set of three wooden combs specially made for grooming beards.
  • The Beard Box by The Man Company: This again is a set of beard grooming products which includes an almond and thyme beard oil, an almond and thyme beard shampoo, a beard trimming scissors and also a beard comb.
  • Beard Growth Oil by Bombay Shaving Company: Beard growth oil nourishes and repairs the beard and facilitates its proper growth. Your beard lover dad would love this as a present on Father’s day.

For the Cool Father:

If you have a cool dad who loves to have a chilled beer or whiskey on the rocks every now and then, then here are some gift ideas for him:


  • Buy from Happily Unmarried some quirky beer mugs or other bar accessories for your father  he would absolutely love.

For the Fashionable Father:

If your father loves to dress up and stay stylish you can always give them shirts and ties. However if you want to give something out of the box you can give him the following items and he would always cherish and use:

  • Check out the great collection of leather wallets from Nappa Dori. They also have leather card cases, money manager wallets, and travel cases that are sophisticated and elegant.
  • Nappa Dori also has a range of very stylish executive bags and briefcases that your trendy father would absolutely love. Leather satchel bags or harness bags could also be an option.

For the Workaholic Father:

Fathers usually have a tendency to be very involved and passionate about their professions. If your dad is one of them and runs on a very tight schedule, these are a few things you can give him that would help him out.

  • You can give your father stylish leather organisers from Nappa Dori or you can buy simple ones from amazon as well.
  • You can also buy Father’s day special doodled pocket diaries from Doodle Collection for him. They also make personalised diaries which would make an amazing gift for your workaholic father. A gift he can carry everywhere and even make use of.

Come on now! Order your gifts already!