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Best Part Time And Stay At Home Career Alternatives For Moms

Best Part Time And Stay At Home Career Alternatives For Moms

Every woman irrespective of her marital status, especially in today’s era, craves to have her own unique place and a distinct identity which sets her apart from a different surname she has added alongside her name to tell the world that she is married.

Nevertheless, it’s not considered necessary and usually, a woman is always expected to adhere to the norms of matrimony which sometimes also cost her professional independence and innermost desires to have a career of her own. For a woman especially who is expecting a baby most often is seen neglecting her career preferences or even if she doesn’t the difficulty of this pregnancy phase forces her to put her career-related woes at bay, Especially during those months.

I’m sure many of you are able to identify with these words and it also throws light on the unsaid plight of most of the mothers and married women out there. But you know what, the best thing is you all are not just beautiful and extremely efficient but for so long until now, you have been underestimating your talents and capabilities a great deal. So, here I have curated a list to put a lid on all your career-related woes.

Neither marriage nor baby can put a latch on the career you want to pursue and the dreams that still shine vividly in the corner of your eyes. These alternatives though should be only considered in case you’re really unable to attend office or lack time for a full-time office job and have to look after your newborn that you really don’t want to leave behind under someone else’s responsibility apart from your husband then go ahead. These options are incredibly helpful in pursuing your very best interests without undergoing much stress and deadline pressure.


Oh, well this is the most quintessential and sought after alternatives for work from home warriors. It doesn’t even require any additional qualifications. And you can still tutor younger kids and expect a decent pay at the end of the month. Plus your income is directly proportional to the number of students you teach. The more professional and reliable you’re found as a tutor by your students, it will only lead to increasing their number. Doesn’t it sound cool? Well, it’s a really lucrative and time-saving career option that helps a great deal in minting decent amount at the end of the months. Even 3-4 students, in the beginning, are ample.
A private coaching centre can be joined too on a part-time basis.

Retail jobs

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that these jobs are simply ideal for stay at home moms too. Plus, it opens up array of opportunities for mothers in various fields, say if you are adept at content creation and management then you can work as a content writer and manager at any content related company or freelancing, fond of crafts then be becoming the part of an art community is likely to open many doors of opportunities for you if working mother tag is too alluring to ignore.

Best retail job options:
Customer service representative
Counselor jobs/receptionist
Sales associate
Cashier etc.

Zumba instructor

Doesn’t it sound pretty exciting already? It’s really simple as well. All you need to do is get yourself enrolled for a Zumba instructor. Following are the places that you can join and consider as a Zumba instructor
Private companies
Private gyms

Call center representative

Such jobs are perfect for stay at home mommies. You can pick up the most favoured and convenient timings for your job and still manage to earn well. These are the places where finding a reasonably paid job as a call center representative is as easy as pie
Private companies
Political campaigns
Travel marketing firms
E-commerce companies.

Creative jobs

If you have a knack for doodling, creative writing, storytelling, photography or crafting then this job can turn out to be a really good and lucrative career option for the stay at home mommies. There are plenty of magazines, newspapers, and websites offering jobs with a free display of your work where you can find your work reaching out to masses. The more versatile you are in this career, then money and opportunities know no bounds at all. Just keep brushing up your creative instincts and become irreplaceable in this industry. You can enjoy handsome pay while sitting on your couch.

These options not only nourish your skills but broaden your horizons without impacting your comfort level and at the same time, due to the advent of technology and widespread of social media, one can easily reach out to thousands and promote their work, art pieces and clientele to inflate the bracket for them. It’s simple and rapid and cost effective too. Now, no longer killing your time with baseless activities you have no interest and inclination.

Happy parenting and keep becoming the better and the best version of yourself every day!