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Consumption of Alcohol During Pregnancy: Its Downside and Limitations

Consumption of Alcohol During Pregnancy: Its Downside and Limitations
It doesn’t matter if you’re a working or non working woman. In today’s era when women are tackling the similar professional and personal issues as men,  it is no longer a matter of surprise if you spot a female student, or a housewife or be any other working professional smoking or consuming liquor. Yes, it’s no longer a taboo and certainly, we have better issues than this to bother about rather than rolling our eyeballs and raising brows over a sight of a woman consuming liquor. For many women out there, undeniably, it’s a guilty pleasure that they can’t have enough of.
But, for pregnant women, there might be some hazards, that if ignored can lead to serious implications including miscarriage. Hence, regulating your regular consumption can actually go a long way in keeping your health all good and pink during those really arduous 9 months. For a mom to be, there shouldn’t be anything else more important than the health of her inborn child and she should be extra cautious of her health as well.
Fetal alcohol syndrome:Fetal syndrome as cliched as it may sounds, can be fatal for the health of a pregnant or a lactating mother. It tends to occur when the pregnant mother drinks excessive amounts of alcohol. The alcohol passes through the placenta and gets mixed into the blood stream which can cause detrimental birth defects or worse physical abnormalities in a baby that might continue to adversely impact the overall development of a child during one’s growth years. Though, nothing can be said about the specific amount that must be avoided to prevent the occurrence or emergence of such syndrome but yes, to avoid this it’s better to keep your bottle of alcohol at an arm’s length. Upto 40000 babies in US were born with this disorder in the year 2017 as per a global research.
Growth of the baby can be reversed: The 3rd trimester for the baby is very crucial, since the growth of the baby after that increases manifold. The rapid growth of your inborn might get drastically hampered during theses crucial and extremely critical stages of development. Due to excessive and unregulated consumptions of any form of liquor during that phase can cause irreversible birth defects such as physical, mental and neurobehaviourial birth defect.
Addiction of alcohol: if you are addicted to the consumption and you aren’t able to put it on hold even for the months then it is quintessential for you as a mother to seek some sort of professional help, though it is not like a little or regulated consumption can not be done during those months but still you are at a certain risk so it’s good in the longer run to avoid the consumption as much as you can to keep the hazards at bay. The sooner you quit, the better. Since, there is no such known amount that can be considered safe for consumption and the more you drink, the more you will increase the risk that your baby might be diagnosed with several serious disorders.
Physical, psychosocial problems: For women, who wan to get pregnant, alcohol addiction and abuse can seriously and permanently damage her fertility. Apart from that, it’s not just about baby, but the health of the mother can have drastic physical as well psychosocial impacts; such as, epileptic seizures, malnutrition and cancer of the breast, liver, mouth and esophagus. And psychosocial problems include, conflicts with a spouse or partner, work disability, anxiety, severe depression, bouts to commit suicide, driving under the influence of alcohol which might lead to fatal road accidents and road accidents during pregnancy can be lethal to what extent, this is something I don’t need to highlight. you all might have heard a lot about it and read about its consequences a great deal in newspapers and magazines.

Excessive alcohol consumption can abruptly result in miscarriage. And a child born with the complications erupted during pregnancy can be subjected to numerous negative effects such as problems with vital organs like the heart and kidneys, permanent damage caused to the brain, low birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation. Such physical issues have greater tendency to manifest themselves into behaviourial and intellectual disabilities as the child further grows up. Hence, it’s better to resort to healthy lifestyle if you’re planning to welcome a new life into your world. Taking good care of a baby is quintessential otherwise there is no point to bring another life into the world if all he/she has to suffer throughout. A baby is also a human, so certain sacrifices has to be made on parents’ part to ensure the happy delivery and great health of both the mother and the baby.

Happy parenting and take care. 

Nurture yourself first and see a child bloom~