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8 Debunking Natural Childbirth and Pregnancy Myths

8 Debunking Natural Childbirth and Pregnancy Myths

Natural childbirth has a lot of taboos attached to it. A lot of women nowadays opt for C- section childbirth. This is mainly because a lot of uncalled for myths are attached with childbirth. These myths are usually centuries old. Myths like these are often run down in families and need to be done away with.
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We are here to debunk a few of these myths to ease you to the idea of natural childbirth:

  • A Labouring Mother Should Not Eat: Labour is an excessively strenuous process and it is best that the mother has a lot of energy to go through the childbirth. This energy can only be ensured by food and water. However, often, food and and water are denied to the mothers on the chance that it might get inhaled by them into their lungs. Such cases are really rare so should not be considered that much. In natural childbirth, there is no reason to hinder the mother from eating.

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  • A C-Section is Less Painful Than Natural Childbirth: The largest prevalent myth is that the pain of natural childbirth is almost unbearable but C-section isn’t. While I would not dare to say that it doesn’t hurt but it is always the case of pay later or pay now. During natural childbirth, it will hurt but there won’t be any long-lasting complications. In C-section childbirth, the pain can last for a long time.
  • Natural Childbirth has Nothing to do With Your Size: It is often said that a person who is seemingly wider can have a more successful natural birthing process.This is not true. It is totally possible for a wider woman to have a small pelvis and hence have some troubles in natural birthing. However, always trust the judgement of your obstetrician.

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  • Your Labour Will be Just Like Your Mother’s: This is a very common myth prevalent in most families. Your labour has nothing to do with your mother’s. Each pregnant woman is different and they have a different childbirth process. Do not get fooled by this absurd myth.

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  • Twins = C-Section: It is a common misconception that if you have conceived twins then it is necessary for you to have a Caesarian delivery. It is totally possible to have a natural delivery with twins.
  • Consuming Spicy Food or Castor Oil can Kick Start Labour: Labour is induced in its own time. No such thing can initiate labour.
  • Breached Babies Cannot Born Naturally: Almost all expecting women fear a the word breached. But it is a common myth that breached babies cannot be delivered naturally. Mainly because the head of the baby comes out the last and the mother might need some external support in pushing out the baby. However, natural childbirth is possible even if the baby is breached.

  • Dramatic Breaking of Water: There is hardly any dramatic breaking of water before labour like that shown in the films and television shows. Only ten percent of women experience water breaking spontaneously. It does not break like a waterfall. It is more like a trickle.
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Be sure not to believe everything you hear expecting mothers!