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Must Have Essentials to Welcome Newborn: You Need Before Your Baby Arrives

Must Have Essentials to Welcome Newborn: You Need Before Your Baby Arrives

When a new member is about to be included in your family, especially a new born baby who has just popped out deserves a really oftpecial treatment and ample amount of care. A little negligence on parents’ part can cause huge discomfort and weariness when a new born baby feels neglected and undernourished. You must have noticed your mothers and aunts jotting down heaps of lists which includes everything from baby oil to hairbrush and every single thing that might be even a tad bit helpful to cater to all the basic and quintessential needs of the new addition of the family.

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Now, that the parents know that wave of parenthood is approaching, parents must be equipped with all the necessary information to cover all their bases. It tends to happen that when it comes to our kids even the best we do is never sufficient, parents always tend to succumb to their nagging fears that they must have missed out something essential, and not at any cost, they want their babies, their munchkins to suffer because of any sort of unintended inadequacy that occurred despite all the mindfulness and caution to keep everything whatever might be needed at disposal.

Essentials to Welcome New born
A newborn baby can feel small and fragile.

Nothing has to be missed out at all. We have tried our best to curate all the basic necessities that you must have and you don’t need to wander from pillar to post, scrolling through the aisles of babies. The list has been created out of hard earned wisdom and experience of 100 years 😛 which compiles all that you wish to know regarding this oft-neglected subject. The best of child rearing trenches is here presented and compiled for you all.

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Car seat: Car seat is really important when it comes about carrying a baby home. Hospital authorities, post delivery won’t allow you to take your baby home without the one. Hence, special baby car seat is inevitable and it must have a comfortable carry handle. There are numerous brands available that can be preferred as per your budget, style and preferences.

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Soft carrier: Soft carriers helps in keeping the new born safe, especially when you can’t put the one down. Such soft carriers come handy and life savers. You can pick up any style and range. These soft covers are available in many styles, from sling to wrap to back convertible and more. Go, explore and choose the best suited for your little adorbs.
Breast pump: An efficient breast pump can really help a great deal in establishing milk supply and alleviate engorgement. But only the hospital grade1 should be picked up. Since, these pumps are biodegradable, sanitary and extremely efficient and useful. Make a smart choice, since it’s always a right choice!

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Bottles and formula: Parents often get confused when to need a bottle, and recommendations too contribute in bewildering parents even more. Several options vary from glass or BPA free plastic bottles, breast mimicking or classic style nipples, gas reducing valve and disposable liners. Some experts also suggest that formula should be avoided in case if you intend to breast feed.

Welcome New born
Knowing what to expect when you have a newborn can ease the anxiety that every new parent feels and give you confidence

Burp clothes: It does not even require to be mentioned that how significant burp clothes are. Before the arrival of the baby, at least keep 15-20 burp clothes washed and handy.
Diapers and wipes: It is not even needed to mention that what purpose does it serves. It might be painstakingly daunting to zero down upon the quality and kind of wipes and diapers that can be regarded most suitable ones but yet, it is advisable to switch to several brands and then selecting the one which suits your apple pie’s soft skin the most.

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Diaper cream: Diaper cream is needed to protect your baby’s butt. There are many options available that can be tried and tested. It’s better to opt the one which has aloe, or 12-20% zinc oxide. Its soothing properties will keep the skin rashes at bay.
Sleep soothers: Sleep soothers are available in many forms, shapes and sizes. There must be two swaddlers at least and several pacifiers on hand to calm a troubling baby’s nerves down and lull the one to sleep peacefully snuggled and cozied.

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 Must Have Essentials to Welcome New born
Some newborn babies are sleepier than others and will sleep for up to 20 hours out of 24,

Bath essentials: It’s advisable to offer sponge bath to the baby at least for a couple of weeks. Make sure that these following items are essentially there to be included in the kids’ bathing ritual,
a) Infant tub or bath seat. It must be really comfortable and suitable for your kid.
b) Washing clothes
c) Mild baby wash and shampoo
d) 3hooded bath towels
e) Baby hair brush (soft bristled)
f) A mild baby oil or baby body lotion to keep the skin of the baby soft and moisturised. Application and good massage of nice baby oil and baby moisturizer to keep the skin moisturized and freshly scented after the regular bathing ritual prevents the loss of moisture and helps in keeping the skin lusciously plump.

These are some basic newborn essentials that you must keep handy to welcome the newest and loveliest member into the family.

Happy Parenting!