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15 Parenting Tips On How To Raise A Smart Child

15 Parenting Tips On How To Raise A Smart Child

Parenting Tips – Childhood is crucial in the intellectual development of your child. This is the stage where the brain develops most quickly. How you help your child develop intellectually affects him through adulthood. And great Parenting can help the child have a great future.

Below are some of the good parenting tips to help your child’s intellectual growth:

15 parenting tips15 parenting tips

1. Give your child an early start

Giving your child a head start in learning should “start in the crib”. The following activities support rapid childhood development such as maximizing loving responsiveness, minimizing stress, talking, singing and gesturing a lot and cultivating a love of learning.

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2. Read books to your kid

Read with him, not to him. Reading to him the difficult words will help. This gives him a head start in developing language skills. Kids who are read to when young are more likely to develop a lifelong interest in reading, do well in school and succeed in adult life. Reading books is one of the most important activities that make kids smart.

3. Talk to your kid

This develops your child’s healthy language skills. Also, listen to your child when he’s talking. Build a powerful communication bridge. This reinforces his effort to communicate and develops his facility for language.

4. Interact with your kid

Play with him (her), and make him feel loved. The babies who were not cuddled, played with and loved have stunted brain growth. On the other hand, who are loved, hugged and pampered have a strong effect on developing his intelligence. The loving connection formed between you and your kid provides the foundation for his higher thinking skills. This is one of the best parenting tips to bridge the generation gap between you and your child.

5. Make your child a reader

The love for reading brings so many benefits for your child. It is one of the most important quality you can develop on your child for him to grow up smart. Reading develops your child’s appetite for knowledge. By being a reader early in life, your child is well-prepared to grasp the complexities of other subjects. It is one of the best parenting tips that will help your child in becoming a voracious reader.

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6. Let your kid play

When your kid plays, he is creating the foundation for his intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. When he plays with other kids, he learns the spirit of winning, the importance of teamwork.

7. Encourage your kid to exercise

Physical exercise does not only make your kid strong, but it also makes your kid smart! Exercise has a more long-lasting effect on your kid’s still developing the brain.

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8. Foster your child’s creativity

Creativity is a valued mental characteristic in the arts, science, and any endeavour that involves problem-solving as a whole. Some of the ways to nurture creativity include exposing your child to literature, music and the arts, and making tools like paper and paint available for him to work on.

9. Make music a part of your child’s life

Studies have shown that listening to musicians boost memory, attention, motivation and learning. It can also lower stress that is destructive to your kid’s brain.

10. Limit your kid’s TV viewing

Your child should not be watching TV before age 2. Letting your kid watch too much TV takes him away from doing physical activities that are more important.

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11. Give your kid smart computer games

The best kid-friendly computer games teach your kid about letters, math, music, phonics and many others. More importantly, he learns these while he plays. Learning and having fun at the same time is one of the best parenting tips. It will help your kid to learn surely boost your parenting skills.

12. Allow your child to take risks and fail

Kids who don’t take risk and experience failure or pain like falling off a bike or losing in competitions can develop low self-esteem and phobias, discourage creativity and learn for themselves. Also, do not rescue kids too quickly. Out of all the parenting tips, this one is the toughest. Wait for them to rise from the fall without help. Let them solve problems on their own, so they learn from their experience.

13. But don’t praise your child too much

It might make him a narcissist later in life. Children tend to see themselves as important people in their lives see them. Instead, give your child honest and appropriate feedback mixed with encouragement and support to build his self-esteem and security.

14. Give your child a growth mindset

Kids should be encouraged to see learning as the process of becoming better at something, instead of the negative influence. When your child fails, he should see it as an opportunity for growth, instead of seeing himself as a failure. That is a pillar of parenting tips.

15. Use bribery as part of your parenting toolkit

Sometimes it is okay to bribe your child to motivate him/her, like “paying” for getting good grades or doing chores. You can ask your child what she prefers as an incentive. Sometimes, money or material items are not that important to her, compared to video game time.

15 best parenting tips15 parenting tips

Keep in mind these parenting tips to develop a healthy relationship with your kids. We are here to help you on your parenting journey. We will give you all the parenting advice that you need.

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