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Popular Child Psychology Books: Understanding Kids In A Better Way

It’s not as easy as pie as it seems. Sometimes understanding your child is more complex than parents think or assume. It is very challenging. Before planning a baby, parents should be able to understand the constant mood swings and irregularity in the behavioural patterns of their child. Child Psychology Books can actually help parents ace this challenge.

Parents know their kids the best but still, a little knowledge of psychology and efforts extended towards a right direction in understanding your kid will certainly go a long way in building up a reliable understanding and deeper intimacy between the child and a parent. It’s really important to understand the needs hidden behind the certain behaviours, how do they emote on certain moments and how their brains react at certain things at a certain point in time.

Child Psychology Books

How would you as a parent will be able to make any sense out of a certain behavioural cue emitted by your infant to express that he is inquisitive in nature or if he Is bored or tired or loathes someone’s company during your absence?

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Kids don’t and can’t communicate by using words, they express through other ways and yes, it’s not always really simple to decode the cues. Since non-verbal expressions usually go through a greater risk of being distorted or misinterpreted. They are all about behaviours and all we can do is to simply make an attempt to decode those given cues as accurately as we can. Here, psychology comes to our rescue. Parents can resort to these sources found in the treasure trove of psychology that can go a long way in making you feel closer to your kid even more and develop a profound level of intimacy with them.

It is utmost important. Just because, you have reproduced a baby, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are equipped with such level of mental and emotional strength and skills to raise and educate the children.

There is no any such right way to understand your child better and raise them with utmost perfection. But understanding the needs of the child in such a way that caters to his/ her emotional development. Since each and every child is unique and every day brings new challenges in the lives of the parents to keep them happy without altering their pertinent mental, physical and psychological development.

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These are some child psychology books curated in the following list. These child psychology books can be referred to inculcate some psychic wisdom. And can be greatly applied in day to day practical situations to address the insane demands of your child.

However, it’s never advisable to stick to just one of the child psychology books and make it “our bible”. Rather, the ideal scenario is curiously seeking out multiple sources and be open to the new discoveries.

Child Psychology Books

Building emotional intelligence: practices to cultivate inner resilience in children (Daniel Goleman and Linda Lantieri)

Emotional intelligence begins to develop in the earliest of years. All the small exchanges children have with their parents, teachers and with each other carry emotional messages.”
~ Daniel Goleman
This is a lovely child psychology book. It emphasizes a great deal upon the significance of integrating certain skills based on emotional understanding and management. These skills will enable them to relate and identify and connect with others in a better way. This is the soft skill that will go a long way in improving their performance both on professional and academic front. It’s a valuable read for both the children and teenagers.

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The whole brainchild: 12 proven strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind ( Daniel J Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson):

In the field of child neuropsychology, it’s an amazing and really valuable book. It takes us through the various dimensions of a young brain’s functioning which makes this book entirely an exciting journey. The language is easy and relatable. It reflects upon some useful techniques for accelerating the emotional and intellectual growth of a child. It’s an excellent and intriguing child manual that you can look forward to having on your shelf.

How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk (Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish)

This book was is on the bestseller charts since the early 90s. This is an amazing book which lays emphasis upon the simple yet really meaningful and illustrative fundamental truths. The truths that influence a child’s psychology in unimaginable ways. These timeless aspects in this book will go a long way in raising your kid in the right way. This book talks about the innovative problem-solving techniques and strategies that help in managing the myriad of complex emotions your child bestows you with. It is one of the most popular child psychology books.

Child Psychology Books

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Far from the tree: parents, children and the search for identity (Andrew Solomon): 

It’s a deeply moving account that makes it a must-have for parents, teachers and psychologists. What defines and makes us such complex theories will no longer make you scratch your heads in intense soul searching and bewilderment. This book connects on so many deeper levels. It enables the parents to accept the fact that their children can be different than them. And that their personalities should thrive freely. It also reflects upon disabilities like Down’s syndrome or disorders on the autism spectrum. It is one of the best child psychology books.

The psychology of the child: (Jean Piaget):

Here Jean Piaget offers a definitive presentation of the developmental psychology he has elaborated over the last forty years. This comprehensive synthesis traces each stage of the child’s cognitive development, from infancy to adolescence.

Though, the list is endless and so many jewels this miraculous field has ever produced can’t be mentioned here. And understanding psychology is an ever-evolving and continuous process. All the emotions, fears, feelings, brain development, resilience and other psychological and emotional deficiencies can never be fully explored. This list will help you in refining your communication skills and personal relationships as well.

Child Psychology Books                                              Have a Happy parenting!

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