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The goodness of silver utensils.

The goodness of silver utensils.

Is eating in silver utensils healthy for babies? Gifting a silver bowl and a spoon to a new-born is a tradition that is followed since ages in India. Unlike in the west, the Indians believe in gifting silverware to a newborn which is not an attractive gift for any child but a silver bowl and spoon or a silver glass is considered to be an appreciative gesture by the person /family who visits the child for the 1st time. It does not mean that people who do not gift silver are not appreciated. But the idea of gifting is paralleled with positive and vibrant energy with all the goodness of health that the child will benefit once he /she starts to eat solid food in it.

Silverware is an expensive gift as compared to other gifting options. In many households, the pregnant ladies are also encouraged to eat all their meals in silver vessels. In Indian culture, there is a strong emphasis on family as families tend to provide strong social Support to every member.

Many Indian Families (who can afford), as a part of the tradition for every festival or good occasion, believe to have sat down meals using their silver dinner sets which includes a silver dinner plate, 3-4 silver bowls of different or same shape and size, silver spoon and silver glass per person. These sets also include various types of serving bowls with /without lids, serving spoons not to miss the desserts bowls and desserts spoons too.

Silver is always most welcomed by Indian families. It is also considered as an auspicious metal.

Apart from the traditional importance and values, silver has its own goodness for utility. There are many reasons why silver should be considered as an apt metal for day to day use. The following are some golden scientific reasons why silver should shine more in all our lives especially for infants as nothing is as important and valuable to us than them. Am I Right?

1.Silverwares are bacteria free -Feeding a baby with a silver spoon and bowl is 100% beneficial. Silver metal has antibacterial properties which ensure that the food remains pure and bacteria free. When a baby starts eating solid foods it becomes very necessary and stressful to ensure total hygiene of his feeding accessories. Silver metal is known for its therapeutic efficacy as an antibacterial substance. It stops the fungal growth and also kills the bacteria which makes your food healthier. The silver particles break bacterial cells causing lysis of bacteria which is safe for the little one.

2.Silver is Nontoxic metal. Not anywhere till date silver metal has caused harm to human health. Silver is toxic to poison such that it also detects poisonous food. The colour of food may change in a silverware if it is poisoned.

3.Maintains the temperature of the contains-Silver has cooling properties. It lowers the temperature of hot food to normal warm food which helps and avoids the baby from suffering any heat strokes.

4.Silver acts as a purifier! In The ancient history, it was believed that storing water / milk in silver containers preserved the freshness for a longer time, Silver has properties which purifies the liquid contained. Initially, in history, this fact was not accepted and was criticised by hypocrites but with time the health benefits of silver to human bodies resulted in the rising demand for silverware and made it one of the most valuable gifts till date. It is thus more than 100% safe to use silver utensils for babies.

According to Ayurveda – gold, silver and copper infused waters have tremendous health and wellness benefits. It also suggests different methods of consumption of water or milk from these metals. Ayurveda strongly recommends such methods, especially for Pregnant ladies. One of the famous most famous methods is to store water in a silver vessel overnight with a gold coin inside. In this way, both the expecting mother and the baby get the maximum benefits out of the infused gold and silver water.

Gold infused water has the maximum amount of health and wellness benefits. It strengthens the nervous system, improves memory and intelligence, increases stamina, beneficial in arthritis, helps Asthma and breathlessness. Keeping water in a silver/copper vessel overnight and having 2 glasses of water from that immediately after waking up in the morning is a body purification method strongly suggested by Ayurveda. Copper-infused water is particularly beneficial for obesity, liver and spleen disorders, join issues, polio, hypertension, high cholesterol, stress and mental tension also benefits the nervous and circulatory system.

It is best to Avoid plastic containers for water. Little steps towards wellness have great benefits. Let the little ones not suffer due to our negligence. It’s a fact that our body should consume 4 litres of water every day but let’s revise it – our body should consume 4 litres of water which is nutritive and pure!

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