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Wish you a very Happy Birthday Dad-in-Law!

A very Happy Birthday Dad-in-Law.

“अपनी गृहस्थी को कुछ ऐसे बचा लेना, कभी आँखें दिखा देना, कभी सर झुका लेना।

आपसी नाराजगी को कभी लंबा चलने ही नहीं देना, कभी वो हँस पड़े, कभी तुम मुस्कुरा  देना।

रूठ कर बैठे रहने से भला घर कब चलते हैं, कभी वो गुदगुदा देंगे, कभी तुम मना लेना।“

Almost 13 years with him and his simple teachings,

With tries and cries, hugs and smiles, a great family life we are living.

I came into this family not knowing what I would find,

I was nervous and afraid, but he gently eased my mind.

A true gentleman, heart filled with love, simple and wise,

Full of warmth, care and invaluable advice.

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No matter how busy he is, no matter what his professional life is,

Every day he takes out time for his family, his lifelines.

Best in the office, best amongst the friends, best to the whole world,

Still, the best time is what he spends in making memories at home.

Strong-willed and hard as a dad, but more caring than a mom he is,

An early riser, a chef, a chauffeur, a teacher, a guide, a friend he can be to his kids and his grandkids,

He is dedicated to the family, from sunrise to sunset,

Until each member of the family is back to bed.

Sacrifices are all his gifts; he is a giver,

But not a grudge on his face, with his family, he always is happy and dances in the rain.

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Always guiding me to do my best,

He always says “You go for it; I’ll take care of the rest “

Best of all which not even my mom did. He took the parental (a month) leave, to look after my maternal needs,

My kids got all his care and all his good deeds.

With mostly a “YES” to my demands, but sometimes “OK”, but never a NO,

He has supported me in good and bad days, to let our family grow.

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With matches and mismatches, agreements and disagreements too life is running on its way,

Just because he says,

“कभी वो गुदगुदा देंगे, कभी तुम मना लेना।“

And on your birthday dear Dad-in-law, I just want to say

“अज़ीज़ भी आप हो और नसीब भी आप हो,

दुनिया की भीड़ में करीब भी आप हो,

आपके आशीर्वाद से चलती है ज़िन्दगी क्योंकि,

तक़दीर भी आप हो और दुआ भी आप हो!”

A life full of experiences to share,

Dear Dad, we know how much you care.

Thank you for being with us always

Happy Birthday Dad-in-law (Papa Ji).

With love,


Bahu  Beti

Dr. Jyoti Arora
Dr. Jyoti Arora
Jyoti completed her B.SC. and M.Sc. in Microbiology and Biotechnology. She has armed herself with M.Phil and P.Hd in Biotechnology from reputed Universities. She has successfully headed the department of biotechnology for BSC biotechnology. A seasoned home manager and a poet by heart.

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