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Review: Pride of Cows Milk

Review: Pride of Cows Milk

Pride of Cows is a milk brand introduced by Parag Foods in 2013. Parag Milk Foods is a corporate purely dedicated to making milk products and have some top-of-the-line brands to their name like Gowardhan, Go and Topp Up. Pride of Cows happens to be their newest brand, and in the short span of time, it has created quite the furore amongst the health conscious since it is one of the only brands that serves “organic” milk directly from cows. One of the only organic milk in the market today, it can be a boon for many.

Organic milk as it is known is produced from cows that are allowed to graze in the pastures for at least 8 hours/day, all feed is produced without the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. No antibiotics or artificial hormones are permitted. Unlike any other milk, Pride of Cows is not sourced from farmers. They have their own farm (completely owned and managed by them) wherein they have 3800 Holstein Friesan cows. Therefore they have complete control over the breed, feed and health of cows which in turn leads to complete control over the quality of milk. Also, Pride of Cows is not a standardized (artificial process of adding or extracting fat and SNF) milk.

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Their FAQ page says that they maintain the required 3.5% fat and 8.5% SNF content in Pride of Cows through a tailor-made diet of cows only. Also, there are no additives or preservatives in this milk. So, Pride of Cows is milk in its most natural form.

According to their website, the cows get a planned meal every day. Pride of Cows especially grow high-quality alfalfa, Pennisetum, greens, soya and bran. To prepare a wholesome diet to keep the cows healthy and happy. They have nutritionists who ensure that there is the right balance of minerals; vitamins and make a menu for different ages of the cows and their physical needs. The menu, as you would have guessed, is changed regularly to include fresh seasonal crops. To keep the cows excited and munching all day.

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Pride of Cows offers fresh, quality milk every day. And here’s the best part- it offers them directly at your doorstep! It has a rich, creamy taste that only the best tasting milk has. They have no intermediates or product partnerships with other corporates, which means that they cannot be picked up from the market. This practice remarkably reduces contamination or malpractices by the shopkeeper, since the Pride of Cows gets to control the end-to-end supply. The milking process at the cow farm is mechanised, which means that the milk is untouched by human hand.

They also have an excellent customer service for the consumer to provide valuable feedback. So, if you really love and appreciate fresh authentic milk, then Pride of cows is totally worth it; especially for kids. It is fully safe since it is pasteurized.