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Significance of Seeking Permission From Parents: Priority or Not?

Significance of Seeking Permission From Parents: Priority or Not?

“When a child is born, the infant is unaware of the surroundings. The only thing he is concerned with is his food and sleep. For the rest of the things, he is ignorant. But there is one whole and soul who takes care of everything!”

That is the mother, who forgets all her rest, appetite and entertainment, but remains entitled to just one job.
The child grows, enters a new learning centre, a few hours away from mother’s den. He learns new lessons and gains knowledge, well aware of different things around him. He is taught to be humble and respectful. To be responsible for his deeds and actions.
The most important thing he is taught is to respect his parents and be friendly always. It’s a saying that if a child begins to share your clothes and shoes, he becomes your friend and a confidant. But this theory should be understood by a child and an adolescent also.

“Sometimes the trivial matters make a tiff and arguments begin. One should always be patient and listen to what others say, but he should also understand the feelings and motives behind the other person’s actions.”

Permission from Parents
Importance of Parents in Child Development

Sometimes a child is not ready to share problems or seek permission, thinking of denial or disagreement. What creates the rift between parents and the child is his willingness to do things his own way without seeking permission from parents.

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Then on this, a parent should be wise enough not to argue or discourage the child but to understand his situation and discuss the matter very friendly. The parents should always try to win his confidence so that the next time he comes running down to you, just to share or to seek your permission.
Seeking help or permission has to be taught by the parents, also the child should be made to value the importance of permission granted. To err is human, of course not always the parent is correct but will always give the right guidance to the child.
There can be denials and acceptances, but the positive outcome can only be achieved by the discussions held between the parents and the child.

Healthy discussions will not only make the relationship strong but will also help the child learn to respect the decisions made by his parents and vice-versa.

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Someone has rightly said
“Affirming words from Moms and Dads are like light switches.

Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child’s life, and

it’s like lighting up a whole roomful of possibilities.”

Seeking Permission from Parents
How to get Parental Permission