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Signs to Identify That Your Child is Being Bullied

Signs to Identify That Your Child is Being Bullied

The harsh reality about being bullied at school is way graver than one can ever anticipate. Most often, what really happens is the child who is being bullied or emotionally abused doesn’t even have any inkling of the underlying emotional trauma and pain he is being subjected to. He continues to get bullied at the hands of his snobbish peers, continues to get humiliated in front of the whole class and he continues to suffer in silence and agonizing trauma, because such kids are way too meek and assaulted to the point that they let others feed on their fears and gloat over their miseries. They don’t realize the difference that can be brought into their lives just by standing and facing their fears off, and retaliating back with full aggression and fierce to their bully counterpart, that he considers to think twice before attacking your child’s psyche the very next time.

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child is being bullied
It can be hard to know how to react if you suspect your child is a target at school,

Peer abuse is way too subtle and yet mind numbing. It acts like a poisonous drug which slowly gets mixed into the veins of the victim and kills him to death. In a similar way, your child’s self-belief, self-confidence is threatened and attacked in such a way that it gets killed in entire process, and so is your child’s ‘self-respect’ and ‘self esteem’. Before it’s too late, make sure your child is not undergoing through similar sort of psychological trauma at his school where one is only supposed to bloom, but such harrowing incidents only withers one’s soul and psyche.

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The fact is more than 160,000, as per the research reports are forced to skip schools everyday because they fear being attacked or intimidated or humiliated by other students. They are forced to remain cornered, often jeered, nagged and despised by whole class and butt of jokes of their peers. Bullying tends to begin at an early age and often goes unnoticed, and it’s more frequent and aggressive than what it used to be. Many students are also tortured everyday to the point of committing suicide.

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Signs to identify that your child is being bullied
53% of children have been bullied in India through different ways.

Such behaviours are often normalized and this normalization only tends to make it more frequent and aggressive. There are certain signs which parents must take as possible warnings, and need to be mindful of, to evade the aftermath of bullying and offer the vulnerable children much needed protection against their harassers.
• Unexplained and suspicious loss of your child personal goodies and stuff, school supplies, clothing, lunches and even money.
• Your playful child has suddenly started behaving weirdly and became too reticent, aloof and recluse.
• Unexplained physical marks, scalds and bruises on his skin.
• Reluctant to attend school or playground, dreads at the mere thought of meeting new people and even the familiar ones.
• Afraid of riding the school bus or dreaded to meet the teachers or certain friends that he used to be really close to.
• Difficulty in sleeping, perturbing sleeping behaviors and patterns, nightmares and crying while sleeping.
• Behaving so sullen and withdrawn. A loner who keeps himself secluded all the time.
• Sudden change in eating habits. Sudden and significant drop in grades is one of the major signs that parents must not ignore.
• Feels not good enough, hates being clicked, visiting friends and relatives and shuts oneself away from everyone. Begins to curse himself, self- hatred to the point of being self-destructive.
• Overtly competitive and loser like incompetence. Fencing on the extremes of sullenness, reticence and violent behaviours most of the time.

children being bullied
Bullying is not a freak occurrence. In most classrooms, one in 10 of the children will be socially isolated.

These are some of the pertinent and obvious signs that grass is obviously the darkest on the other side. Don’t ignore such signs and help your child to raise his voice and his concerns to the parents or to the teachers at the earliest and equip your child with the much-needed confidence to stand against his/her bullies.

“Silence is Usually a Wordless Scream. Pay Heed to it, Before Your Child Dies a Slow Internal Death of One’s Child Likeness and Humanity.”