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Social Media Tips Parents Should Teach Their Children!

Social Media Tips Parents Should Teach Their Children!
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Time has changed and digital property currently has turned the connectivity for most of us. Web access, smartphone technology and 24×7 interactivity became necessary. We love our technology and also the several benefits that it affords us. Apparently, it comes as no surprise we tend to see our children additionally being captivated by this technology the manner we area unit.Today’s kids and teenagers square measure among the primary generations of young people who don’t know about life before the rise of social media.

And in fact, you cannot blame them once you discover out that they are “tweeting,” “liking” and “Instagramming” nearly every part of their standard of living.

Here are some tips to show your kids regarding social media to make sure they keep safe and secure.


  1. The Net is Forever

About 90% of teens have used some form of social media at this time, which implies that there’s a large social media community for youths. It’s vital that they grasp that something they post – including footage, videos, statuses, and messages–can come back to haunt them. Several kids and adolescents assume that deleting an embarrassing image suggests that it’s gone forever; you ought to show them how caching and screenshots can mean even short-lived posts can have long-term consequences.

  1. Set Time Limits

It’s rare to find children who can set their own limits relating to their social media usage, that is probably why 55% of parents limit the quantity of time their teenagers are allowed to be online. However, it’s vital to show your children why they must limit their social media time – mainly that it keeps them from developing real-world relationships and from getting involved in alternative, a lot of productive activities.

  1. Be Nice

Over 1/2 of adolescents and teenagers are victims of cyberbullying, and regarding the same number have engaged in it. This suggests that there’s an honest likelihood that your child at least is aware of somebody who is getting bullied or bullying others online. Make it clear to your youngsters that bullying is unacceptable, whether or not on social media or in reality, and encourage them to inform you if they’re victims of it.

  1. There’s No Such Issue as Obscurity

Many social media platforms like Reddit permit users to post and interact with one another under anonymous usernames. However, like the 50% of web users involved about how much of their personal information is offered online, you ought to encourage your children to exercise caution. Posts are often copied back to their real creators, and location trackers build posting from smartphones more revealing than children might imagine.

  1. Stay Personal

In a similar vein, you ought to remind your children that anything they post can be used against them. If they put up personal information like travel dates, pictures that show their school or the front of their house, phone numbers, and alternative information, people can take advantage. For example,11% of web users have had their personal info like their Social Security Number or banking info purloined on-line.

  1. Communicate

Similarly, it’s imperative to foster open communication with your children regarding their social media usage. Make sure they feel snug telling you regarding any uncomfortable situations on-line by frequently talking to them regarding their positive and negative experiences. With solely 15% of parents feeling “in the know” about their kids’ online activity, you’ll wish to form certain they’re comfortable approaching you.

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