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Spend quality time with kids

soon The world is busier than ever. The little time we have is consumed by electronics. likewise, kids are also lost in the electronic world. We must spend our time with kids to understand what kids are going through and their fields of interest. We can connect and maintain a healthy relationship with kids by spending quality time with them.

The following section provides ways to spend quality time with kids:

Daily activities

http://dnasab.net/project/dnasab-video-sculpture-15/ Parents are constantly involved in various activities during the day, from waking up to putting the kids to bed. Make kids take part in your daily activities. it will be fun for both parents and kids. And improves the relationships

  • Ask kids to join you with daily activities it could be cutting vegetables, cooking, gardening, cleaning, and washing 
  • Make it fun for kids to help you 
  • Probe them about school, friends, and subjects
  • Excite them about the activity and teach them how to do new things 


Vacations boost physical and mental well-being, lowers stress, and bring new perspectives about various things.

  • Take kids and family to a variety of places (i.e. Countryside, beaches, water bodies, mountains, temples, heritage places)
  • Exposing kids to different environments and places helps them with cognition development(kids’ way of thinking, understanding different things around them)


meals together with family are an opportunity to strengthen bonds and build a sense of belongingness which subsequently boost self-esteem.

  • Having meals together with family members (at possible times) 
  • Sharing each other their stories and hardships while having meals 
  • It makes kids and family mentally strong and connected


Games are any age touch-points for learning, Games are one of the best ways to improve kid’s creativity and nurture their imagination and cognitive skills

  • Play along with your kids in games
  • Help and guide them to play games
  • build the spirit of sportsmanship
  • Play outdoor and indoor games and have a fun time with kids
  •  assists them to compete and take losing’s on a game


Every child is unique and special, but the world is critically harsh. We need to make sure that our kids are physically and mentally strong enough to fight back and sustain themselves in those harsh, situations. By being rock support to our kids and understanding their side of the story to help them through things.

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