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Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

Giving up on your career and being a full-time Stay At Home Mother (SAHM) is a very tough choice to make. You are 24/7 around your child and you don’t get any personal space. The child becomes very addicted to you and sometimes that’s not always what you want!!

Being a SAHM definitely has its advantages, you get to see all the Firsts of your child. The first smile, the first giggle, first roll over, walk and the list is endless. You get to be around your child and get to be a part of all the laughs and cries. A SAHM looks to be a cakewalk from a distance, and the Moms get tagged as not doing anything (career-wise) and JUST taking care of the child.

But it is definitely not a Cakewalk. It is a lot of hardship where you do not have any ME time. A SAHM is mostly by choice, to be there for her child and some of them are forced to become one. Many don’t have family support in taking care of the little one, or there are no daycare centres nearby. Some of them want to take a sabbatical from work and raise their child.
The idea of a SAHM is she appears to be messed up and needs a break from being a Mommy. It is a very difficult job of handling a little one all the time. I have one daughter and not all days are good. But on my bad days, I am carried to the time when our Mothers raised us with siblings and especially when there were no gadgets (iPads, tablets) and very few houses had Televisions.

My day revolves around my little Princess. I did introduce Television to her as it is a very strong medium of learning if it is limited and under supervision. In fact, there is such great content these days on TV, that even we as parents are glued to the screen. But that’s just a small part. Most of the time is spent in playing with Story Telling, Puppet play, Picture Talk, Blocks, Puzzles, Board books, Drawing and what not.
Being a SAHM is looked down upon in our society “Oh just a Mom”. But trust me, there is a lot more to this Mom. Cooking a meal with your child in your hand, doing Household chores, Sleepless nights, No alone time, No loo breaks!! Getting to drink one hot cup of tea or eat one meal in a day without any disturbance is a luxury.

But Being a Mom is definitely a blessing with a lot of compromises!!!