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Stories help in building character of your child

Stories help in building character of your child

Parents and families play a key role in character development.
William Butler said – “Education is not filling of a bucket, but lighting of a fire.” Reading Stories to your child is one of the best way to inculcate good habits in them. It teaches them through examples, which they remember for a lifetime. Giving advice won’t help your child as much as stories would.

Do you remember how many times you have told your kids these phrases?
But nothing seems to work because kids always follow examples. Stories are a way in which life lessons get imbibed to the soul and light a fire.
1. It builds accountability, obedience and assertiveness.
2. It makes them Open-minded, Optimistic and positive.
3. It teaches them to be adaptive to situations, be more flexible and open to circumstances.
4. And most importantly, it makes them value little things and appreciate what they have.

As you tell the stories of your life and the world around you, you convey lessons of virtue and ethics to your children. Discussions about the stories you see on television are opportunities to reinforce your values. Listening and responding to your child’s stories about school and peers, you can help them think through the right thing to do. Being mindful of your children listening to the stories you tell other adults, you teach that your values guide all aspects of your life.Children’s literature abounds with great books that illustrate important values. Great books reach the inner child and teach their lessons without the parent’s interpretation or instruction.
Sharing real-life stories from the news and the Internet with your children inspires you to pursue your values in life.
Stories at this young age are destined to shape up their futures. So feed their spirit, soul and intellect with wonderful stories, just as you feed their body with healthy food.