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Strengthen Your Father-Daughter Bond by These Simple Methods

Strengthen Your Father-Daughter Bond by These Simple Methods

There are a lot of times that a bond between a father and daughter changes or loosens with as the girl child grows up. For a father, taking care and developing a bond with a daughter is much more complex than that with a son. There are a lot of physical and psychological changes that happen in a girls’ body as they grow up. That and the gender gap can sometimes evade a father’s consciousness, rendering a gulf in their relationship.

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Strengthen Your Father-Daughter Bond

Here are some simple ways with which you can avoid this gulf as a father:

  • Show Interest: It is always a wise move to show interest in your daughter’s activities and interests. Don’t be an aloof masculine figure that would only discipline her behaviour or teach her how to ride a bike. Instead, talk to her about her inclinations and indulge in them. For example, if she loves to paint, make sure you take out some time to paint with her or enthusiastically compliment her work.

Father-Daughter Bond

  • Be Comfortable With Doing “Girly Things”: It is very important to establish that she can talk to you about anything. Mothers and daughters always share a special bond based on their mutual understanding of the female gender. Make an effort to understand it yourself as well. Braid her hair whenever possible or help her pick out dresses while shopping.
    Play with her dolls once in a while or go to your little one’s tea parties.
    It is essential to be aware of the physiological changes of your teenage daughter. Make sure you are considerate about those changes and make her feel comfortable too. For example, read all about menstruation and be there for her when this change occurs. Buy pads or tampons for your daughter regularly. It is best to talk about it without hesitation so that she doesn’t feel the need to hide it from you which in turn can create a ridge. This can strengthen your relationship with your teenager daughter to a great extent.

Father-Daughter Bond by These Simple Methods

  • Be an Emotional Support: Many a times, fathers get so busy acting as providers and protectors that they forget about being an emotional support. Never forget that your daughter requires your emotional support as much as her mothers. Talk to her about her feelings and be there for her on her bad days. Make the conversation flow so that she comes to you for any kind of support. This way she will come to you on her good and bad days and share freely.
  • Compliment Her Often: We live in a society where girls and women are constantly policed and looked down upon. In such a scenario, become a source of your daughter’s confidence. Compliment your daughter on her looks often. Tell her what is beautiful about her and help her develop a good body image from an early age.
    Do not forget to acknowledge her efforts and praise her achievements like you’re her best cheerleader. Self-image for a growing girl is a very crucial thing. A positive self-image and a constant appreciation by the person she loves the most, is all she needs to develop into a confident individual.
  • Reveal your own sensitivity: Don’t expect her to open up to you if you do not open up to her. Daughters would never feel comfortable sharing their emotions with a stoic father. Show her that you are vulnerable at times as well. Teach her that it is alright to be so. Sensitive sharing and communication will help her grow into a more settled individual. She would learn deal with her own sensitivity better.

Father-Daughter Bond by These Simple Methods

  • Be the Best Specimen of a Man: Treat her with respect and politeness. Treat your wife and other family members with love and compassion. Show her that a man is supposed treat her and the people around him in the best possible way.

Have a happy and healthy bond with your daughter!