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Ten Changes A New Parent Faces

Ten Changes A New Parent Faces
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Parenthood is a jar of mixed spices in nutshell. It combines the herb of happiness and wisdom: bitterness of foolishness and despair. Tanginess of disbelief and lack of experience. But, there is always the “ moisture “ of hope. 

According to a common dictionary, the word “ change” means, alterations or modifications of an existing substance.

Life is a journey of changes and modification. It is not only a physiological but also psychological change. It is a “ journey” of forty- six chromosomes. A birth of a child includes not only two ingredients from two individuals, but their dedication and patience.
Love is the key to success and perseverance. A married couple from dining and wines; discovers the stripe of the family in their hands as they become new parents.

Those three colored lines in a bar; means a vibrant modification of their lives. It’s not only physical, psychological but also time-shifts and food-habits.

Parenting is challenging undoubtedly. But, not only a mom prepares, also accompanied by a new dad. Their brains are remodelled to work multitasking in near future. The emotions are elated for the arrival of a new quantum.

Parenting is also flexible; diving into the pool of elixir of everything new with taking pains but also waiting for the gains of happiness. A newborn is life’s greatest joys. Even after innumerable sleepless nights, puffy eyes, dark circles and loss of appetite, a mother would say “ the smile on her baby’s face is the most satisfying and world’s best reward”. But every new parent has to face different changes as compared with others.

To shortlist some changes every parent faces are :-

1. Hormonal Change– This can be categorized under physical change, which every woman does. From the petite appearance to “ Winnie- the Pooh”. This is temporary to adjust a new being in the body.

2. Emotional– This change leads to mood swings; unreasonable crying and spasms of laughter.

3. Sleepless Nights– From a slumber to a zombie; it all depends on your new member. Your sweet dreams depend on the baby than your desired hours.

4. Appetite and Food– From tangy to sour, sweet and wine; there is a transition to simple food. Excess of oil and spices should be avoided, as a new mother has to feed the milk to newborn. Spices makes the baby colic. Lots of warm water and healthy food should be taken. Junk is a complete “ no” .

5. Clothes– From the body clings to loose maternity dresses are preferred. This helps a lot in movement and feeding the baby.

6. Postnatal Care – This is most important as to reform and come back for the body. Diet and walk can help a lot.

7. Planning– Planning is not only for the room, clothes for the baby but also for the future savings. A budget should be planned as to avoid unnecessary expenses.

8. Appointments- Definitely every human- being has to change: giving up from stag and bachelorette to a mom and dad.Instead of regular appointments of parlors to vaccines is a drastic change. Regular check-ups and vaccines are very helpful.

9. Marriage front-Undoubtedly from long hours of coffee to gobbling the food , will take time. Priorities will change . Everything will revolve around the bundle of joy. If couples divide the chores , there is more understanding and bond is stronger.

10. Life is content -Life becomes more full and occupied. We gain in pain that we didn’t even know was missing.

Thus, to conclude, perspectives of life change. Forms of entertainment and decisions will change; as to give more benefits to our child. A child will change our lives better and beautiful than we ever thought of.