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Ten Tales by Surbhi Mahobia – A Review

Ten Tales by Surbhi Mahobia – A Review

Have you come across a book for which you wanted to read beyond the last chapter?

“Ten Tales” from Surbhi Mahobia is one such book. “Ten Tales” is a compilation of ten short stories for children who are 8 years and above.

These stories are a mix of magic, mystery, thrill, suspense, happiness, and excitement. Although the book blurb says that it is a book for children, I feel it is a must-read for adults as well.

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Every story of this book is beautifully crafted. One after other, when I was reading the stories, I was getting heartfelt. Those were cute yet deeply touching. Surbhi has done a great job with her book. I could not find anything that is missing from this book. Stories are exciting. They keep the reader hooked. Although the book has a few stories that have realities of this world, yet their fictional end is soothing. It leaves you with a thought placed in your mind. The book is perfectly designed. Everything comes well aligned. It is a pleasing read through cell phone screen as well. There is no extra scrolling or spacing.

Ten Tales by Surabhi Mahobia - Vibhu & Me

My favorite story is “Deep Blue Sea”. This is a story of a boy Danny whose favorite color is blue. He loves everything in blue despite blue is often associated with pain & boredom. Feeling blue, Monday blues, you get it, right! However, the story is so beautifully woven that you don’t expect such end to the story.

The book is short yet makes its place in your reading list. As I already said, nothing is missing in the book. All I wished for more such stories in the book. This is a perfect bedtime story book for kids that you can keep in your phone and can recite them one every other night. At least this is my plan for the coming days.

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Don’t think twice and download the book “Ten Tales” from Blog chatter platform: https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/ten-tales-surbhi-mahobia/

I am sure you will love this. This is a book of magic, reality, dreams, hopes and wishes. It has everything that a kid should read. Well done Surbhi!

About the author:  Surbhi is a graduate in English Literature and a postgraduate in Mass Comm. She is a communications professional, freelance content creator and a blogger. She is an avid reader and a passionate storyteller. You can read her blogs at www.prettymummasays.com.