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Child’s first day at school!

Child’s first day at school!

The first day of school is a mixed bag of emotions for every parent. On one hand you are excited that your child is taking the next step forward; on the other hand you are apprehensive on how your child will adjust.

Even if your child has been going to a playschool, big school is something that strikes fear in most parents’ hearts.

“Here are Some Things You Should Keep in Mind to Make the First Day of School Easier for You and Your Child.”

Children by nature resist change. It’s important that you talk to your child and explain why he will be going to a new school and that there is nothing to fear. It’s equally essential to tell your child to communicate with you about anything that he might not like in school. Most schools do not allow parents inside so you will have no way of knowing what’s happening unless your child tells you.
Make it sound like an adventure. Children have a vivid imagination and the best way to get them excited about something new is to weave a story around it. Show them pictures of the school and the uniforms and tell them how they are now growing up and how proud you are of them. If they have an older sibling, let them share their anecdotes with the younger ones that big school can be a lot of fun!

Child's First Day of School
Children Love Gifts and the Best Way to Bring a Smile on Their Faces

Incentivize the Day.

Children love gifts and the best way to bring a smile on their faces is to bring them a present. Tell your child that you shall be waiting to pick them up with a surprise. That thought will keep them going through the day.

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Children Need Constant Reassurance.

You MUST tell them that you will be right outside the school so that they don’t feel abandoned and alone. If possible, at least one of the parents should be there to drop and pick up the child for the few first days of school. This will help your child ease into the new routine, with the confidence that you are not far away from them.
Pack a surprise in their bag. If you are sending lunch, put a surprise in there. This could be chocolate or chips or something your child loves eating and considers a treat. When they open their tiffin and see the surprise, it will make them feel loved and special.

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The First Day of School
How Their Child will Cope Without them in a New Environment

Last but not the least, most parents suffer from separation anxiety– the fear of how their child will cope without them in a new environment. Try and not show your apprehension in front of your child. Children pick up on vibes very fast and if they see that you are upset or nervous, it will rub off on them.

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“And remember- all children are remarkably resilient and adjusting. Some take longer than the others but within a few days you will be surprised to see how your child has settled and regaling you with stories about school!”

First Day of School for Toddler
All Children are remarkably Resilient and Adjusting