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How to Eat Healthy Food & Tussle Between Moms,Teens and Greens

How to Eat Healthy Food & Tussle Between Moms,Teens and Greens

“It is a Catchy Title Which Will Excite us as Moms That Help is Coming Soon About how to Make our Children Eat Right.”

No sisters I won’t be able to help you get your children eat right but hope to guide you in making a connection between both.

Since the day our children are born we are worried about their health, which is directly connected with healthy food. Since we have grown-up hearing about a healthy mind living in a healthy body, we try our best to keep up with this phrase.

Teenage is the most trying age for children as well as Moms. Children do not know the reason behind their mood swings and physical changes happening in their body both internally and externally. This makes them conscious about their appearance.

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Peer pressure also plays an important role on how they should behave or look. Family, especially mom’s suggestions become unbearable as it is against all the opinions or suggestions which they have found or received from gadgets or friends.

Eat Healthy Food

So, how to make them eat right. I had a simple formula; the breakfast must be wholesome. Rest of the day will take care of itself.

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I seldom fed them processed food when they were small, so the habit of eating home food started early. Also, my children were never interested in taking chapatis in the tiffin. They wanted snacks, which they can finish fast and go to play.

Yes, my children are more into outdoor games. They played every kind of sports in the school and took coaching for cricket and football.

Their mornings started with a thick chapati/roti with jam and a glass of milk.

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“Add one Banana or Boiled Egg, Depending on What Your Child Likes. This is the First Nutrition of the Day Which Will Keep the Lethargy Away.”

This diet I started in playschool and following it till date. Now they are ready to enter colleges. Tiffin can be anything; bowl of pasta, sandwich, fruits, parathas, namkeen etc. School teachers sometimes complained but I made them understand that my children eat a moderate breakfast, with proper lunch of rice, pulses and curd after school. So, there is no need to worry about their health. Snacks in the evening again can be anything from biscuits to fruits with a glass of milk. Dinner is always with vegetables and roti/chapati/parathas. I was strict with what they eat and resorted to bargaining/negotiating also if it helped in making them eat right.

Eat Healthy Food
Add one Banana or Boiled Egg, Depending on What Your Child Likes

This was the routine for five days of the school. Even during holidays, this breakfast menu didn’t change much on the weekdays. Saturday and Sunday, the breakfast can be what they like or ask for like maggi. Saturday dinner is what they want to eat from outside. Sunday is again what every family member proposes, or it can be pure non-vegetarian lunch and dinner. I did not budge or bargained when it came to their breakfast. Some days in the evening or during lunchtime, if they asked for a dish (bought or cooked), I allowed it. This kept the flexibility of choices between us.

Since there are hormonal changes happening in the body during teenage phase, please keep fruits like papaya always available.

“Papaya Helps Hormones Balance by Keeping the Body Heat Neutral.”

Banana is another fruit which will suffice the need of instant energy if your child has come from football or cricket class. Seasonal fruits should be added the diet as breakfast or evening snack.

How to Eat Healthy Food
How to Eat Healthy Food

Always encourage your children to cook or help in the kitchen when you are making their favorite dish. This will make them interested in the product which is made with their help. This will also help them in cooking and creating dishes when they are teenager. Teens want to explore every field, cooking is another way to learn as well as eat home-cooked food.

When we are not able to give our children time, we tend to compensate by giving them facilities. Eating out also is a facility given out of convenience. We have to learn to strike a balance between providing and rewarding. Children are always interested in rewards, so keep making options where you can reward them with junk food not more than thrice in a week. This will make you a cool mom and you will also feel that you have negotiated a good deal.

How to Eat Healthy Food

Happy Feeding Ladies..