Think Before Investing In These Top Ten Dangerous Toys!


How to buy baby toys

★ See the age range of the toy packaging, the requirements of the instructions, and the matters needing attention.

★ Touch: See if the toy is rough, burr, and the corners are too sharp to avoid injury to your baby.

★ Amount: Toys such as gears and chains, depending on the gap between moving parts, should be less than 5 mm or more than 12 mm for babies under 8 years old to avoid pinching fingers when turning.

★ Pull: Like the buttons on the doll’s body and other accessories, use a few hands to see if it is firm.

Bright and colorful plastic toy gun

Ten dangerous toys

1. [Ejection toys]: For example, all kinds of toy pistols, water guns, and slingshots, bows, and arrows, darts toys should not be purchased, keep the baby as far away as possible.

2. [Rope toy]: For example, yo-yo. The rope is easy to wrap around the child’s fingers or neck. If it is long, it will cause ischemic necrosis of the fingertips, and it will suffocate the baby.

3. [Mask toys]: For example, some unqualified mask toys are made of toxic plastics, which contain toxic chemicals, or the toys themselves are airtight. If the baby wears them for a long time, it will cause the brain to lack oxygen, making the baby dizzy, Dazzling can cause suffocation in severe cases.

4. [Balloon toy]: First, the balloon explosion is easy to cause harm to the baby, especially the hydrogen balloon, if it encounters flames, it can also cause violent burning, and secondly, once the balloon fragments enter the child ’s respiratory tract, it is difficult to remove Directly threaten life safety.

5. [Small volume toy]: It is easily eaten by the baby and becomes a tracheal foreign body. Always put these toys in a safe place, and do not let them get easily.

6. [Metal toy]: It is recommended not to buy it for babies under five years old. Many metal toys are sharp and sharp, and can easily cut the skin of children. Some metal toys are coated with a glaze, which may contain heavy metals, such as lead, which poses safety risks.

7. [Non-smooth toys]: Toys with large surface particles and sharp edges can bruise or cut the baby. Parents are advised not to buy toys that are not smooth for their children first, and secondly to check toys that children are playing in a timely manner. Once they are damaged, they should be repaired or eliminated immediately.

8. [Children’s toy car]: Many chains are not completely sealed, and it is easy to disturb long things such as hair and shoelaces, causing potential safety hazards. Some seats are not safe enough or even without seat belts, which can easily cause the baby to fall and be injured.

9. [Music Toys]: Excessive concerts can damage your baby’s hearing and affect your child’s emotions. The battery can easily be swallowed by your baby.

10. [Plush toys]: The filler is not qualified, it is likely to produce diseases such as respiratory tract infections, serious cases will also cause bronchospasm, cough, and even asthma. Some children will have skin allergies such as eczema.

Cleaning and disinfection of toys

★ Moisture-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-fading toys can be soaked, wiped, and disinfected with 0.2% peroxyacetic acid or 0.5% disinfectant.

★ Plush, paper toys, and books can be sterilized by exposure to ultraviolet light.

★ Wooden toys can be washed with soapy water.

★ Metal toys can be scrubbed with soapy water first, and then exposed to the sun.

★ Soaking effect with electronic disinfection cabinet or disinfectant is also very good.