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Tips For Mothers To Entertain Their Kids At Home During Lockdown 2020

Vacations are an important part of everyone’s life. It’s not just the kids who look forward to them but adults do as well. And hence the bookings for the vacation happen months before the actual date!

We too had been waiting eagerly for the summer vacations to start. Both my kids were turning a year older and were eagerly waiting for sailor dad to come home.

It was the last month of school, with all festivals being celebrated, exams been conducted and the kids looking forward to the summer vacations. And that is when the news about Covid-19 came up and Lockdown was announced for not only the entire nation but in other countries as well! This was something that the nation was not ready for and it came as a complete jolt for families with kids!

How to spend the entire summer vacation indoors? Have you ever heard of sitting at home during a vacation? No way!!
So what does summer mean to kids?
It’s all about ice creams, swimming, playdates, free play in parks, visits to zoos, trips with family, meeting cousins, grandparents and what not! It’s the time we all look forward to.

But this Lockdown came as a surprise and it just seems to be never-ending. It keeps on extending so much so that now the kids are used to the new routine and have adjusted to this change.

Summer 2020 has been different! It’s all about hand sanitization and wearing masks. Maintaining distance and not socializing. Public entertainment places like parks, gardens, malls, zoos, theatres are shut! Everyone is homebound. The only opportunity of getting out is the terrace and parking lots.

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Everything seems very different as kids are homebound. Not a day or a week but it has been close to 3 months. All kids are home and no place to go.

Parks and play dates got replaced by Zoom calls and Skype calls.
Classroom studies got replaced by Online lectures. Birthday Fondant theme cakes got replaced by homemade Oreo cakes. And swimming pools were replaced by bathroom bathtubs. Kids learned to entertain themselves by playing with the same old toys.

So what did the kids do during this Lockdown? Did anyone think what they go through? Well, these masterminds found a solution for themselves.

They decided to take things in their own hands and got involved in the day to day routine of the house. They started helping their parents by easing out the pressure of Working from home, learning Food preparation along with mommies in the kitchen, and cleaning of the house without the help of maids. They made everything look so much fun that regular home tasks were no more mundane and were a family affair.

Kids are like that Ball of Happiness that can change the complete atmosphere at home. If they decide to take things in their hands, they can be the Master players.
Mothers can relate to this. If the kid is happy, our days are Glorious. But a cranky kid and handling home together, is like a nightmare !!

As it is getting tougher, I would like to share a few tips to Mothers as to what they can do during this lockdown to entertain their kids at home. Here’s what we did –

1. Make a tent of bedsheets and pillows give kids a few books to read, a puzzle to solve, and act as if it’s their house and they have to take care of it. Give them a fur toy or doll to play with. Take care of the baby and meet all of its necessities. Trust me, it works wonders and keeps children engaged for a long time.

2. Printable worksheets from Google. Appropriate for your kid’s age, download, and print as per their liking. Help them in doing those worksheets.
You can give them material available at home to stick on those sheets as a craft.
For example, give cereals, colorful paper, cotton, beads, etc to stick and prepare craftwork.

3. Painting using vegetable cutouts. Shape a vegetable using a knife and use them as stamps. Potatoes, ladies’ fingers, lemons are one of the best stamps.

4. Roleplay. Ask your child to dress up and enact as that character. They can be a Doctor, teacher, painter,… Help them dress up, you too participate and it sure is an entertainment and learning example for kids.

5. Teach children DIY ( Do It Yourself ) and it’s the best thinking cap they can do. You will see kids coming up with so many ideas. You can use toilet tissue rolls for making craft animals or toys. Plastic bottles can be used in a variety of ways. They can recreate.

6. Watering plants, gardening, chopping of vegetables, rotation of toys every few days, and giving toys a soap bath are few things that are engaging and learning. It helps develop motor skills.

7. Making homemade play dough, bubbles, easy baking are few other things the kids can be taught.

8. Ride Ons are of great entertainment! Not only will it help in gross motor development but it will help kids in boosting energy. An amazing exercise and the added benefit of exposure to fresh air.

9. Water play. Kids of all ages love this. Let them explore. You can add color, bubbles, salts, or bath toys and engage them.

10. Give your child some screen time. Show them some cartoon, let them relax and unwind. It gives us parents a good break too.
This lockdown is challenging for the kids as well, playing something of their choice is gonna give them some freedom to unwind. Let’s make it easy for the kids too.

This epidemic is one event that no one will forget in the coming years. Our days will surely come back to normal. But the marks that COVID has left behind will remain with us for the years to come by.

Kids have been the driving force and make the passing days seem easier. Let’s give them the best we can and make this easy for them too.

Komal Divekar
Komal Divekar
Hi , I am Komal , wife of a Sailor and Mommie to a beautiful Toddler.. Main interests lie in teaching kids and have worked as Centre head in preschools before . Lover for arty things , a complete food lover and enthusiast in learning new things. I am here to help fellow mommies with simple tips on child development to reach their milestones and early child education. Enjoy reading.
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