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Tips To Overcome Accidental Gluten Exposure For A Celiac

Tips To Overcome Accidental Gluten Exposure For A Celiac

Celiac disease can be tough, but with the right attitude and practice, you’ll be a pro in no time!

After the Diwali celebrations, now this marriage season has started, and again I had to deal with all my son’s questions, can I eat this, can I eat that at the party. Last Friday there was a party in Radisson Blu, Faridabad that we had to attend. If you make a mistake and do eat gluten, you might feel sick right after eating food that has gluten in it, or you might not feel a difference. No matter what, eating gluten is dangerous for you. Your body won’t heal, and you could get even sicker.

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Though my son’s tummy was full, the food over there was so attractive that he could not resist and was yelling because he wanted something to eat (which he never does as he knows he is not allowed to eat). After discussing with the chefs and on a little risk, I gave him Biryani and curd with a little daal. But that night I couldn’t sleep as I have not given him anything from outside since many years. As I know cross-contamination is always there.

To overcome this, the next day I followed all these ways to make sure he feels much easy and his stomach is alright.

To start the day it was a glass of Luke warm water. Staying hydrated is very important, extra fluids will help flush your system as well. Enlisted are the things I did.


  1. A bowl full of papaya was the first thing to eat, it contains an enzyme called papain, known for its benefits in treating indigestion and gastrointestinal diseases and also relieving gas.
  2. In addition to drinking regular water, I gave him coconut water and lemonade throughout the day.
  3. All the meals were light like poha for breakfast, yellow rice and curd for lunch and moong dal and rice again in dinner. Not even gluten-free chapatti for him that day.
  4. I made sure he took complete rest as his body will need time to heal.
  5. Taking probiotics will help to reestablish the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut. L-glutamine is an amino acid that is beneficial for gut repair. Curd can do all the good to the stomach and Yakult is his favorite and healthy too.
  6. A bowl of Papaya again in the evening.
  7. I did not give him milk that day.


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And thank God, he did not complain about any stomach ache or any digestion issue. Though the only answer is a strict gluten-free diet, for our little ones there can be a chance or two where they feel tempted and cannot resist. We mommies have to be proactive dealing not only with the diet but also with the emotions of our munchkins.

Unfortunately, there is no antidote or morning-after pill to ease the symptoms from gluten exposure. But I’m sure these few simple tips will help Celiac’s experience relief from the symptoms, feel better and relaxed.