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Tips to travel with toddlers

Tips to travel with toddlers

Travelling with toddlers is not an easy task but it is definitely a fun endeavour. However, you have to be a very meticulous while preparing to travel with your kids. It is very essential to incorporate your kid’s needs in your travelling plans.  It is not that big a task.
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Here are some pointers to get it right:

  • Get bookings done beforehand: When you plan to travel with kids, the wisest decisions is to finalise all the bookings before you leave the house. Impulsive travel is not an option with toddlers. The waiting is sure to make your child irritable. No one wants a kid breakdown in the middle of their fun trip. Book your hotels and travel cabs accordingly and avoid any kind of meltdown scenario.

  • Pack according to the climate: Travel often comes along with climate change. In summer, people like to travel to cooler places. Similarly in extreme winters, we all love the beach and the waves. It is extremely essential to pack according to the climate of the place you are going to. Research well in advance about the climatic conditions of the place and pack clothes. Take comfortable clothes for your kid. Take outfits in which he/she can run around and explore better. Pack up soft and warm clothes especially if you are going to cold areas. You do not want your kid catching a cold or fever in the middle of your travel.
  • Make cleanliness your best friend: As mentioned above, no one want their kids to get sick amidst their vacation. To avoid this, be sure to keep it clean. Travelling to different places has different bodily effects. Children are particularly susceptible to getting ill while travel. Carry hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wet wipes. When eating at various places, you cannot expect the place and cutlery to be as clean as they are at your home. Wipe the cutlery diligently before your kid uses it. Select clean and kid friendly eating joints. I’d suggest you don’t make your kid eat much of street food of strange places. If you want to try it out, be very diligent and careful about your selection of it.
    Always carry a bottle of water that is clean and purified because water infections are most common to catch.

  • Carry medicines: In case you aren’t able to avoid illness, always carry a box of medicines. You cannot rely that all kinds of medicines would be available everywhere. It is best to carry the ones that suit your kid’s bodily needs and prescribed by his/her doctor. Carry the basics; antibiotics, anti-allergy medicines, cough syrup and anti-septic ointments.
    It would be great if you can carry some flavoured glucose solution with you. It would help in replenishing your kid’s energy in the tiring travel.
    Squeeze in a box of first aid in your luggage. Carrying Dettol, cotton patches and bandages is never a bad idea. Your kid is on an adventure and he or she might get small scratches or bruises while on it.
  • Digital device with apps and games: There are times when your kids might get agitated by new surroundings. There are also chances that they miss their home and its comfort. In such cases, your smart phone or tablet can come to rescue. Fill up any one of your digital gadgets with games and kids application that will entertain your kid and keep him/her occupied. These games are a boon. Try to have a drawing or colouring app and some other games that will distract your kid and hence, save the trip.

  • Give them space and time: It is impossible to travel by watch with a kid. You cannot have a jam-packed schedule that gives your kid no time to explore the new places. My suggestion is, have a laid back and relaxed trip where you can go sightseeing calmly. Have space for childish tantrums and bathroom breaks.

Pack your bags now and take your kid on an adventure!