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Top 12 Careers For Children

Top 12 Careers For Children

The competition nowadays is increasing immensely on aprents to choose among the many careers for children. The pressure of doing something apart from the usual crowd is just eating the minds of the parent’s.

Choosing a right career for children is very crucial. With all the emerging new professions taking ahead in the future, they give you a lot of choices. Most of the times the right way to choose a path is to see the interest of your child in the continuously changing world.

Here is a list of top 10 professions that a child can opt:

1. Dancer/choreographer

careers for children

Dance is a form of art practised by a lot of professionals. Many young children across the globe dream of becoming ballerinas, there aresome other types of dancers, including Ball

et, modern, tap, and jazz dancers.

careers for children
careers for children

Many dancers work for a particular dance company; some may also perform on TV or in music videos; they might even sing or act as well as dance.
Other dancers perform at different places according to the need of the area such as casinos, on cruises, or in theme parks. In the later stages, they nowadays prefer becoming dance instructors or choreographers, developing and then teaching dance movements to other dancers.

Choreographers earn an average of ₹1000/hour. Dancers make an average of ₹800/hour. Some dancers receive an annual salary, but others are paid by the hour or performance.

2. Actor

careers for children
careers for children

There is a one in a million chance that you may become a star. But after that, you will go crazy with all the money and stardom it comes with. An actor plays a role in its necessary acting skills. Some actors do it for a living whereas on the other hand others put their heart and soul into the position and become the star for the general audience. These actors may work in television, film, theatre, or even audiobooks or electronic media.

Actors are paid by the hour or by the performance, and therefore, actors may hold other jobs to earn money in between roles.

Actor salary: 500/hour

3. Musicians

They are the ancient artist trying to grab the music industry with all their heart and soul.
Many kids dream of being professional singers or members of a rock band. While they might be dreaming of becoming as famous as their favourite singers or bands, most musicians do not achieve that kind of fame.

Musicians perform in concert halls for all the crazy fans, and they also play in the recording studios, Musicians may present in a variety of styles, ranging from rock to classical to jazz. They do not pay yearly they are mostly on the tours and are often paid by the hour or by the performance.

Musician salary: 3000/hour

4. Teacher

A job of the teacher is very crucial. The learning process of a child’s life is set up by the way a teacher is teaching the students. Many kids who enjoy school dream of becoming teachers. Teacher salaries vary depending on the type of school and the grade level. Most teacher positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, and public school teachers require state-issued certification or licensure.

Teacher salary: 5,00,000/year

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5. Scientist

There are many different types of scientists. Life scientists (who work in fields such as biology, conservation, and medical science), physical scientists (who study fields such as physics, chemistry, and astronomy) and social scientists (who study how people behave).

 Many Scientist’s salaries: 20,00,000/year

6. Athlete

Becoming an athlete is very important. You might want to put in a lot of efforts, hard work and dedication to it. At some levels, you also want to represent your country in the Olympics as well.
Becoming a paid professional athlete takes a lot of work: athletes practice for hours a day with teammates and trainers and often work regularly with strength trainers. They teach you a lot of teamwork and prepare you for more significant responsibilities in your life.Athletes may perform in at a variety of levels – the league in which an athlete plays often determines how much he or she earns. Those who do become full-time athletes usually have short careers due to the physical demands of the job. Some athletes become coaches or scouts later in their careers.

Athlete salary: ₹6,00,000/year

7. Writer

Kids who enjoy reading and writing stories at an early age and have interest in books may dream of becoming writers. Not all writers publish novels, however, some authors write content for magazines, movie scripts, songs, advertisements, or online publications.

 Others become technical writers, which involves writing articles, instruction manuals, and other texts that layout complex technical information.

Writer salary: ₹10,00,000/year

8. Police Officer

Children often dream of becoming police officers – like their favourite superheroes, police officers fight crime, help citizens and become the superheroes. There are different types of police officers; there are uniformed police officers responsible for looking for signs of criminal activity in a geographic district, as well as highway patrol officers who enforce traffic laws.
Some police officers patrol railroad and transit stations, and sheriffs who enforce the law on the county level. Most police officers must graduate from their agency’s training program to become a policeman.

Police officer salary: ₹6,00,000/year

9. Astronaut

Many kids dream of going into space when they grow up. They are way too much fascinated by the stars and the thought of living and working in the outer space. While NASA is no longer planning missions to the moon or Mars, it is still hiring astronauts to work aboard the International Space Station and further other efforts for both in-depth space exploration and potential commercial space transportation.

Astronauts have a variety of backgrounds and experience; some have degrees in engineering, physics, or medicine. Some come directly from the military.
According to NASA’s website, salaries for astronauts are based on the federal government’s general schedule (GS) pay scale for grades GS-11 to GS-14.

Astronaut salary: ₹20,00,00/year

10. Pilot

What child hasn’t dreamed of being able to fly? Pilots fly aeroplanes or helicopters. Commercial pilots fly aircrafts for hire; they might transport people or cargo. Some commercial pilots are involved in rescue operations, crop dusting, and aerial photography.
Airline pilots (along with copilots), in contrast, fly on a fixed schedule for airlines. On average, they make more than commercial pilots.

Pilot salary: ₹19,00,000/year

11. Lawyer

In India, if you are good at fighting, shouting and arguing, good at talking your way out of punishments when you were little, your parents might have said you’d make a good lawyer. Of course, the actual workload of a lawyer is probably a bit more difficult than children. Lawyers must go through three years of law school and pass a written bar examination.
Most lawyers work in private or corporate legal offices, but some work for local, state, and federal governments. There are numerous types of lawyers ranging from criminal and defence lawyers to environmental attorneys.
Most lawyers work very long hours, but they can also make excellent salaries depending upon the type of positions they are working on.

Lawyer salary: ₹18,00,000/year

12. Doctor

The job of the doctors requires a lot of patience. You will be saving a life or might be helping in bringing a dead back into life. You will be receiving a lot of blessings as well as a lot of money in return. Some children dream of becoming doctors to help people. There are various types of doctors, ranging from general practitioners to paediatricians to anesthesiologists.
While physicians can make an excellent salary, the path to becoming a doctor is a long one: doctors require not only four years of undergraduate school, but also four years of medical school, and 3-8 years of residency, depending on the doctor’s speciality.
Some children also dream of becoming nurses. Nurses require a degree in nursing, but this degree takes less time to complete than a medical school degree.

Doctor salary: ₹20,00,000/year

As mentioned before, the right way to choose a career for children is to observe their interest and then help him to be the best version he can be and choose the best career.


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