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Top 5 Extra Curricular Activities for Kids

Top 5 Extra Curricular Activities for Kids

We teach our children to gain good marks and get a perfect degree. Since childhood, even we as children were brainwashed that memorising the written material and writing it down in the exams is the definition of ‘learning’. We all have gone through those moments when we write something in our exam paper and forget about the topics as soon as we come out of the exam hall. At the same time looking out for extra curricular activities for kids can be a challenge.

Now, ask yourself if it is the right way of learning? Aren’t we missing the fundamental part of education? In addition, we expect our kids to become successful and rich from the very beginning. Spending a lot on their coaching classes and tuitions; we even try our best to send them to the top schools, even if it’s out of our budget. Maybe, this is helpful for the systematic development of a child, which is indeed very important for the lifetime.

But what if our child was capable of more? Do we even help or motivate our kids to push boundaries? To explore the hidden talent she or he may have? Not everyone is born engineer or doctor. There are people like Sachin Tendulkar and Mira Nair. The fact we ignore most of the time is, there are vast fields out there to explore, except the formal education. In this article, we will tell you about 5 amazing extra curricular activities for kids that will help your child grow in a holistic manner.

Enlisted below are Top Extra Curricular activities for Kids in India: 

1- Sports :
                                                      Extra curricular activities for kids

We all have seen the movie Dangal. Mahavir Singh Phogat lost the hope of winning a gold medal for his country until he got news that Geeta and Babita have beaten up a boy from the neighbourhood who was teasing them. He was lucky that the talent of his girls came out naturally. But we can give a chance to our kids to try out different things and choose one. Moreover, sports should be mandatory. Facts say kids are not likely to play games and more likely to grow up as inactive adults, physically and mentally.

Sending your child out to play and maybe paying for the training can never be a waste of time and money. Even if your child is willing to peruse chemistry, he or she can still play games by the side, and that would work as a power booster and will add a star to the CV or admission form.

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2- Dance and music :

Extra curricular activities for kids

“When words fail, music speaks” – Shakespeare
We are often advised to relax or attend a party when we are too much tensed, or we turn on our music players and groove to even a basic beat. Fact is, the mind finds music and dance a very relaxing exercise and practising a musical instrument is equivalent to a complete mind-body workout. And as a fact, most of the inventors and geniuses we have till now are somehow related to music. Dance classes for kids is never a bad idea to keep them involved.

3- Clubs :
                                                 Extra curricular activities for kids

Our school system may or may not provide the availability of different clubs. Clubs like book reading club, acting club are a great way of getting social and make the brain work out. Moreover, you get to learn about so many social and ethical skills.
If schools are not providing after-school club, start your own. Invite kids and maybe their parents from the neighbourhood and carry out various activities and events depending on the nature of your organization. For example suppose you’ve started a book club, invite kids with their books and ask them to read aloud and explain. Use your creativity and make the activities as enjoyable as possible.

4- Vedic Maths :

Extra curricular activities for kids
These days, many parents and guardians are willing to provide Vedic maths training to their children at a very young age. There are various institutes and online classes which offer Vedic maths training. This is one of the best extra curricular activities for kids. There are multiple reasons why this subject is considered significant:
• A better understanding of logic
• Helpful in cracking entrance exams
• Workout for brain/ entertainment
• A better understanding of the subject mathematics

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5- Art and Craft :
                                              Extra curricular activities for kids

Art and craft is a great way to bring out the inner thoughts and ideas to life and brush up your creative skills. Art and craft turn out to be a great way to education. In his essays, the author and philosopher, John Dewey explains how one can be taught geometry through woodworking. In the same way, a child could be taught various subjects and concepts by art and craft.
Our duty is, to help our child to explore them, providing enough space and opportunities to experiment in different fields. Moreover, trying out these extra curricular activities for after-school engagement could never be a waste of time. An active mind is essential for studying and other tasks also. Besides, a person engaged in various fun activities in more unlikely to show any ill behavioural traits.