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Top 5 Ways To Spend Your Summer

Top 5 Ways To Spend Your Summer

We have some ideas through which you can cherish that one month you are allowed to spend with your kids and run away with all the tension and revive. We have a few ideas through which you can enjoy the month within or outside the house.

  • Camping

Endeavouring the sun and great landscapes, this could be the best time you can have with your family. There are so many great places in India to encounter in summer, like bhandardara a few miles away from Mumbai, nainital where you can try various adventures sport like paragliding and rafting or just settle for taking in flora and fauna in a day or night trek, then we have jaisalmer where you can enjoy hot food, and adore the great rajasthani culture among others, and who can miss ladhakh, a must visit place in India, the perfect place to camp, India has more places like rishikesh, coorg, and munnar in Kerala and many more.

  • Theme parks

Why settle for one? Try out many and different themes parks around the city or just increase your boundaries. And try out parks in the country and abroad. Plan for Disney world the latest attraction at Disney World is the largest ever expansion of animal kingdom with the debut of Pandora.

India: There are so many amazing places in India where you can enjoy with family,

  • Adlabs imagica: 

Based in khopoli near Mumbai, ticket price to the theme park is around 1,499 INR for adults and kids from Friday to Sunday and 1200(approx) from Monday to Thursday. Water parks cost 999 on weekends and 899 on weekdays.

  • Wonderla:

This amazing theme park is based in Bangalore. Its modern, it’s clean. Tickets prices for adults are 920 rupees on weekdays and 1150 on weekends approximately. Fast track tickets are available at double price.

  • Kingdom of dreams:

Based in Gurugram, India. Here you can savour the Indian culture and have amazing food. Entry to the gully is 599 during weekdays and 699 during weekends, excluding the ticket price.

  • Essel world:

Though it’s a bit dated today, but it’s India’s largest amusement park.

  • Ramoji film city:

Based near Hyderabad, in Telangana. It’s a huge film set with thousands of film studios where you can see how movies come into life.

  • Religious trip

I am not talking about Char Dham yatra. Take your kids to different temples, church, and mosques around. It would fun and cognitive as well. If you are planning a foreign trip you can merge this idea with that as well, take them to some old countries and cities like Italy and Jerusalem.

  • Sea watching

Running by the beach, playing with sun and sand could be the best memory for a kind. Nothing could better than the beach in summer vacations. It’s a must plan trip for everyone.

  • Road trips

The best time is time spent with family, and why not on wheels? Plan a long road trip, go to one of the great destinations, the journey would be more enjoying than the destination itself.

Whether it’s train, bus, plane or a car. Spend this vacation with family, take great pictures and cherish those moments for life. Forget about all the worries of your work and other stuff. And don’t forget to check these three things on your checklist. Stay safe, and avoid fraud travel agencies, pre-plan your trip.