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Top 6 Parenting Movies to Watch With Your Children

Top 6 Parenting Movies to Watch With Your Children

Parenting and raising children is the most difficult and important job. It is similar to a roller coaster ride, involving the moments of fun and madness.

Parenting movies – All of one’s hopes, dreams, and greatest fears are summed up in the life of their child. Parents want the best for their children. The bond between the parent and the child is priceless. But parenting is also about the struggles involved in raising children.

Enlisted below are best movies about Parenting. These parenting movies offer a peek into the highs and lows of parenting, with a strong dose of humor.

1. Three Men and a Baby

Three handsome bachelors who spend most of the time having flings with a lot of women, wake up to find a mysterious baby at their doorstep. Their life completely changes after this event. The bachelors rise up to their occasion and spend all the time taking care of the baby and making her happy. This movie is a fun-watch for dads with daughters. Three leads show their comedy potential.

2. Mr. Mom

This movie is all about switching roles and reversing what is expected by society. Jack is fired during the 1980’s recession. The couple figures out the intricacies of their new roles while maintaining their relationship. When Caroline, Jack’s wife finds a job, it is time Jack takes up the role of a Stay-at-home-dad. It is adventurous how he manages the position of homemaker and caretaker to their three children. Due to their swapping if roles, he is out in the shoes of his wife and has to do several things with other house moms like going to a male strip club. The movies are hilarious and one of the best comedy movies of its time.

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3. Yours, Mine & Ours

A widower and an old flame who meet and fall in love, decide to marry. Their love is strong enough but it is fun to watch how long does this eternal love last in front of the problem they face as a family. So there are 18 children in all in this wonderful family film. The love story of the admiral and handbag designer is worth a watch as their 18 children ensure them that the path of love is not as smooth as they thought it was. It takes time for two families to understand each other and become one.

4. Daddy Day Care

After the two advertising executive loses their jobs, they open a day care center to make ends meet. Once their difficulties of running the daycare end and they start doing good in their business, their competitors plan and plot to bring them down. The duo adopts a lot of unconventional methods to handle their little charges. Be prepared for a lot of potty humor. It is an American family comedy film about kids ruling the roost.

5. Motherhood

Being a parent is not a cakewalk. It is definitely not easy and if you have to multitask all the time, it nearly kills you. Frantically managing two kids, an absent-minded husband and her ambitions to become a writer, Eliza one day wonders if she has sacrificed too much. Her journey is worth the watch, from arranging to get daughter’s sixth birthday party, running errands and meeting the set deadline for the magazine feature. She faces a whole new set of challenges, coping up her family and her career. People who face difficulty in balancing work-life pressure can definitely relate.

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6. Chapter By the Dozen

Tom and Kate Baker move to Chicago to fulfill their career dreams along with their kids. Tom is a football coach and when the wife decides to go on a book tour, he alone has to watch and take care of their twelve children. His life turns upside down when he simultaneously has to manage and coach his football team. The kids being adventurous, sneak out for a party, which makes it all the more difficult for Tom. A lot of soul-searching and emotional meltdowns later, the film moves ahead to a happy ending. The movie ceases to focus on the kids, sacrifices humor for sentimentality and ultimately concludes on not one but numerous notes of nausea. Also watch its sequel, Dozen 2.