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Upgrading to a Celiac Kid’s Mom

Upgrading to a Celiac Kid’s Mom

Upgrading.. Sounds interesting. But this time it’s not for work, study or a gadget, it’s a mom upgrading to a Celiac’s mom. Yes, I call it upgrading as I was a mom of one child earlier and now I have a special child, for whom I need to update myself.

Three years down the lane, when Dev was diagnosed with Wheat allergy, it changed our lives a hundredfold.  And from then I started educating myself about this gluten, allergy, food, precautions, safety guidelines, and what not.  And here are some of my thesis (that are not yet complete, I think will be a lifelong process) on how to bring up a healthy GF environment in the house.


  • First and foremost make up your mind to “Gluten Free is evolving nutritionally”. And that will make rest all happen. Introduce your child to everybody with a positive spin on gluten-free. It makes the child more comfortable. Telling it to everyone who is in contact with the kid is at most important, as a single mistake by anyone can be a big loss to our issue.
  • During the initial years stay in contact with your Doctor, and keep a check on the TTG (tissue transglutaminase) levels. A consult with a dietician can also be a great help.
  • Educate your child about the Gluten free options he can count on. When gluten is eradicated from his meal he will himself feel comfortable and then he’ll understand better.
  • Educate yourself by carefully reading the food labels on everything you eat and drink. It can open a lot of options for the celiac family. Be a part of a celiac awareness group in your society or city. It keeps you informed about the latest updates about GF products.
  • Encouraging homemade foods is the best option. I know kids are fascinated by the world cuisines outside, but there are 100% chances of cross-contamination in any other kitchen. From parathas to vegetables to rice to cupcakes to ghujias to pizzas, I make everything at home and my husband makes non-vegetarian for him. Yeah still on the way of learning to make momos.
  • Cross contamination is the biggest culprit. Even at home if the kitchen is same for gluten and gluten-free chapattis, one should be very very cautious. Even a single molecule can ruin all your past efforts, so make sure everything is dusted properly before starting with GF cooking. Separate rolling pin and base, separate napkins, separate oil, separate burner, separate utensils, I have separate cups and bottles too. I have different jams, ketchups. I use different aprons for both the cooking. And yes, not forgetting a separate table mat. Make sure while cooking the gluten chapattis, the vegetable is not on the side, as dry flour always tend to move up in the air. For me, I have stopped using gluten flour in my kitchen since last 2 years for the sake of my love.
  • Maintaining a food journal is a big help.
  • Include some probiotics, multivitamins in the daily diet.
  • Remember to trim your nails moms, they can cause contamination too!!!


So a few tips and you will achieve a higher level of “Being A Mom” to “Being A Celiac’s Mom”. And for me, the Journey still continues, still on the way of exploring and getting up to date.

“Learning is a never-ending process not only for kids but for moms too”