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9 Easy Ways To Relieve Period Cramps

9 Easy Ways To Relieve Period Cramps

“As women, we all know it, dread it, and are sometimes even thankful that we get it- the Periods!!”

Every month pain not only in the stomach or lower back but also the pain of getting that acne, PMS, weight gain and other symptoms associated with the period is bad. While there is no specific cure for this monthly thing, one can control it by incorporating certain lifestyle changes. To help you get through the monthly visit, here are a few tactics to relieve period cramps.

Relieve Period Cramps

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  1. A week before your menstrual cycle starts drinking Jeera water (cumin) and soaked Raisins and kesar that will help reduce water retention and relieve period cramps.

  2. Exercising every day can ensure a pain-free period. Weight training can improve bone mineral density. Yoga asanas can help ease the pain during the heavy flow.

  3. Sprouts should be included in your every other day to replenish the iron that we lose.

  4. Take a calcium and a B12 supplement during the entire week of your period to relieve period cramps.

  5. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and potassium, which can stop you from retaining water and feeling bloated.

  6. Sip some herbal tea with added some cinnamon, fennel, ginger and cardamom that will help combat menstrual pain.

  7. Applying heat pads to the abdomen and lower back area can relieve period cramps.

  8. Peanuts and peanut butter are among the best foods for vitamin B6 and magnesium. Magnesium-rich foods are great for improving your chances for PMS symptom reduction.

  9. Chocolates can help regulate mood that makes you less irritable, and once in a month, I can have for sure.

 Relieve Period Cramps

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These aren’t magical cures and it’s unlikely your body will respond immediately, but if you maintain this daily intake before and during your period, you can easily relieve period cramps.