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What I Did Not Know About Being a Mother

What I Did Not Know About Being a Mother

“You have super powers. Yes, you have them all. Just plan a child and you will feel so powerful from within. And I can guarantee, you mommies can leave the super heroes behind.”

being a mother
being a mother

Being a Mother – Yeah, even I did not know about my massive strength as a woman until I had my baby doll swinging in my lap. I was the eldest daughter-in-law in my family to have a baby. So, I had lots and lots of advice and suggestions pouring from all my relatives and friends. some of them were like, “enjoy your pregnancy“, “you’ll have a hard time for first few months with the baby”, “forget about the growing belly”, “be prepared to cut down on your sleeping hours” or no rest while taking care of the entire family”, “take good care of your child and your health“, and “focus on all the good and positive thoughts in your mind”.

So, I was well prepared when I had my first child. For the first forty days it was all what I had heard, but then it was no more the same story.

“My Superpowers Started Began Resurfacing Like a Swish of a Wand. I Could do Everything with Just One Hand as in My Another Arm, She Was Always Safely Bundled Up.”

She never left me alone. From cooking, to washing clothes, to wardrobe setting, to shopping, I could actually feel like I can manage the whole world with one hand. My strengths and my self belief heightened up in a matter of a few days.

being a mother - What I did not know
She Was Always Safely Bundled Up.

You are only allowed to bath when your child is asleep. No one ever told me taking bath in a minute would be an achievement. Otherwise, if you actually want to spend some more time in your bath, take your child in with you. When I tried the latter, it was of no use for me. Suddenly, I had to cease doing everything as my baby had vomited and soiled her diaper.

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I knew nights would be tougher but one can sleep the whole night sitting on the chair along with their kid on their chest; no one told me that (one more talent unlocked). If you want to sleep, bed is not at all a necessity. You need peace and that you’ll get only if your child is asleep. And a child loves to sleep on his or her mother’s lap or chest.

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I had absolutely no idea how angry I could get with my own child. I didn’t know that me, an extrovert, would crave for alone time and silence. I didn’t know that even on the hottest day I would have to manage and juggle between dance lessons, swimming sessions, childhood classes, and every other lesson. From five in the morning till ten at night, it’s a nonstop drive; hugging, yelling, scolding, cuddling, loving, and kissing. But at the end of the day when your child is sleeping by your side, hugging you tightly, all that effort seems worthwhile. It’s a divine bliss! It gives you the energy to absorb all the shocks of the next day.

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being a mother
It gives you the energy to absorb all the shocks of the next day.

You have to be an entertainer, a cook, a homemaker, a planner, a doctor, a driver, a photographer, a teacher, an inspiration, a cheerleader, best friend, loving and caring confidante all at one moment.

“You are a Mom! A Magical Multitasker. A Super Mom in Your Own Special Way!”