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6 Healthy Workout Activity | What is Your Fitness Kick?

6 Healthy Workout Activity | What is Your Fitness Kick?

“Physical Fitness is Crucial for a Healthy Body and Mind.”

Group fitness is now a days is really high on the trends and motivation too.

“Group exercise classes are much more than just the loud music, fast movements and shouts of encouragement that are seen and heard in a fitness room. These one-hour blocks of time offer a lot of social inclusion opportunities, health benefits and psychological support.”

Healthy Workout – From kickboxing and step aerobics to boot camps and indoor cycling, your fitness instructor will challenge your self proclaimed fitness goals to improve your body.

“Here are a few group healthy workout activities to keep yourself healthy, wealthy and Happy!!”

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Crush Cardio: A fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout, crush cardio is designed to get you moving fast and working your body. At the same time, it’s a killer workout that burns calories and builds cardio fitness with every class.


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Exercise is the Remedy for Stress, Not Food

Body Combat: Step into a body combat workout and you’ll punch and kick your way to fitness, burning up to 740 calories along the way. This high-energy martial-arts inspired workout is totally non-contact and there are no complex moves to master. You’ll release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ.

Body Pump:Body pump is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit really fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, Body pump gives you a total body workout. This program is based on the rep effect, (a proven formula that exhausts muscles using light weights, while performing high repetitions – this is the secret to developing lean, athletic muscle). Body pump is the ultimate calorie burning resistance training workout.

Yoga: Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to create a holistic workout that brings your body into a state of harmony and balance. It improves your flexibility and increases core strength while you reduce stress levels.

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You’ll focus your mind and create a lasting sense of well being and calm.

Circuit training:If you want the optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training, this is it. The challenging mix of lunges, squats, functional training, jumping jacks, stepper, duck walk and crunches exercises will help you burn calories and take your fitness to the next level. It will burn calories and help you build fitness and strength. It works simply incredible in improving your energy levels, flexibility, balance, agility and core strength.

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Don’t Give Up – Someone is Maybe Watching You – You Can’t Buy Fitness

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RPM: RPM is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. With great music pumping and the group spinning as one, your instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. In an RPM workout, you repeatedly spin the pedals to reach your cardio peak then ease back down. It helps in keeping pace with the pack to lift your personal performance and boost your cardio fitness. RPM is a great way to build up your sense of personal achievement. It’s a journey, not a race!

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The Harder the Struggle the More Glorious the Triumph

At everyday fitness, I am in love with all these workouts that give a kick start to my everyday morning ritual.

Do let me know what’s your fitness kick?