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When should parent-child reading start?

When does parent-child reading start better? This should be traced back to the critical period of the baby’s speech development, according to this period to determine the timetable for parent-child reading!

0-10 months mothers broken thoughts period

This stage is based on various parent-child interactions, and there is no need to deliberately prepare the baby for reading. The main caregiver should use words to express any interaction with the baby, identify the items commonly used in life for the baby, and introduce all kinds of flowers, plants, and trees to the baby when taking the baby out.

10-18 months-a critical period of speech development

The baby begins to appear conscious speech, from words and sentences to two-word sentences, prepare some card reading materials for the baby, the content is mainly to recognize objects, plants, animals, fruits, etc. The color is bright, the content of the picture is simple, and the card requires rounded corners, which will not cut the baby’s hand. Some babies like to tear books, you can prepare some cloth books.

19-36 months-speech burst period

The baby has a rich vocabulary and strong speech expression. You can prepare some short stories for the baby. Picture books with simple storylines, storybooks, and catchy nursery rhymes are all available. Reading with your baby, it is best to choose a fixed time of day.

3-4 years old-the period of imagination development

The content of the story should be lively and interesting, with moral and common sense explanations. It should be emphasized that at this time, it is best not to choose literate and calculation books. Instead, choose stories and fairy tales that have simple plots but can arouse children’s rich imagination. , Nursery rhymes, the purpose is to let children experience the fun of reading with the help of their parents and cultivate their interest in books. At this time, you can play a role-play with your baby to attract your baby’s interest in the story.

At this stage, the baby is in kindergarten and can understand the baby’s life in kindergarten, compile some life examples into short stories, tell them to the baby, and guide the baby to make different imaginations about the end of the story.

4-5 years old

Now children under the age of 4 have been asking questions such as “why”. Parents can find out the answers from books such as “Children’s Encyclopedia” and “One Hundred Thousand Whys Before School” and tell them to their children. Children at this age are mostly fascinated by fairy tales, and parents can inspire their children’s imagination by telling fairy tales. At this time, it is also very necessary to begin to focus on shaping the children’s personality. Parents can read to the children some of the deeds of famous figures in history, and accept some truths of meritorious deeds from them, which is good for the children’s growth and cultivation of noble sentiments.

5-6 years old

Children gradually begin to form their hobbies. At this time, parents should guide their children to buy books from the perspective of a mentor. On the one hand, we must pay attention to cultivating valuable hobbies to protect children, on the other hand, we must also inspire and guide children to invest their interests in more fields.

When a child is obsessed with cars, parents can not only help him buy some car toys and visit the auto show but also suggest him to read some pictorials about the exterior design and internal structure of the car, thus sparking his interest in art and machinery.

When a child loves painting, his parents might as well draw the action of the characters in the storybook together with him, and develop and continue it in the form of painting, which will arouse his interest in painting and literature. And take the opportunity to easily recognize words.

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