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Why Celebrating Mothers’ day is important and not a show off?

This statement would stir up a debate as many would state that the celebrations are mere show-offs and mothers do not need any special day to be celebrated! True. Mothers do not need any special day to celebrate. We all would admit that if there is any kind of love that is selfless and pure, that’s the love of a mother.

Our mothers work round the clock and every day of the year without any rest to make our lives easy- taking care of what we eat, comforting us in distress, worrying and yet working to shape our future and the list is never-ending. But how often do we convey our gratitude and thank our mothers for everything they do for us every single day? Perhaps just because Mothers’ day has become so popular now and is being celebrated across the world that we take efforts to thank our mothers and make them feel special on the day. But if you believe that mothers’ day is a brainchild of Hallmark to mint more money, then you are wrong. Mothers’ day had existed long before Hallmark even came into existence.


The first recorded custom of celebrating mothers’ day came from the Ancient Greeks who marked a day to glorify the Mother of Gods- Rhea who is the creator of all. They celebrated the day with their finest wines and the tastiest food. The Romans weren’t far behind the Greeks and celebrated the Great Mother or ‘Magna Mater’ in a festival called Hilaria.
Soon Mothers’ Day started getting imbibed in various cultures and countries across the world and in the 1600s when the servants spent a day with their mothers and were completely dedicated to them. However, Mothers’ Day gained the significant limelight through Ann Jarvis who strived to make mother’s feel appreciated for the hard work they do every single day. After her death, her daughter fulfilled her dream by calling the first Mothers’ Day gathering at a local Methodist Church in West Virginia, USA and Mothers’ Day was later signed off as a public holiday in the year 1914 by the then US President, Woodrow Wilson and declared the second Sunday of May as Mothers’ Day. Though Mothers’ Day is celebrated across the World in 46 countries and each has their own unique way of celebrating and different days, the essence of celebration remains the same- glorifying the mother.


Mothers’ Day is Important
A Mother would never ask for a day to celebrate for herself. She deserves the appreciation, love, and gratitude every single day. But is that the only reason why Mothers’ Day should be celebrated? Certainly not. It’s a day to realize that Mothers and all the women out there who have tended and cared for us with their motherly qualities need celebration. Mothers’ are the life givers, a backbone of a family and the ones who make numerous sacrifices right from the birth of the child. It might be quite impractical to thank and celebrate mothers and all motherly figures on day to day basis since we all play our part in every relationship we have, including the one we share with our mothers. And that is the reason why we need that one day when we get that opportunity to give the mother the rest and appreciation she deserves. One does not have to be elaborate in celebrating the day by buying cards or flowers. A simple thank you and let her take a day off from the amazing show she runs every day of the year is well celebrated.

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