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5 Best Belly Bands that offer Support During Pregnancy

5 Best Belly Bands that offer Support During Pregnancy

“As the size of the belly increases during pregnancy, days become source to add to your discomfort only. There you can feel pull from the weight of your heavy belly. Clothes feel tighter to your belly skin, and many clothes no longer fit you. Belly bands come to the rescue then.”

Belly bands act as a support system during pregnancy. A helping hand that is your best friend during that most crucial phase of your life. You must carefully pick up and choose your belt, only to find comfort in every possible situation.
It also helps a great deal in helping your body face the unexpected and unpredictably gruelling changes that it undergoes.
Many people get confused between maternity belts and belly bands. With the help of this blog post, we can help to understand how they two differ.

Maternity belts are often worn on your outfits and you can also wear them under your clothes. On the other hand, belly band is usually worn to zip up your pre-pregnancy pants especially once you hit the second or third trimester pregnancy.
Belly bands are highly beneficial for pregnant women. To use a belly band effectively, just try sliding your belly band over the top of your pants and the zipper, button or snap. It offers great coverage and help in holding the pants in the right places when you can no longer fasten them.
Maternity belts also help even after you have delivered your child. It also helps in caesarean section and offers extra support that they require while you are healing.

How maternity belts are helpful:
• When you’re exerting your feet with extra workload or pressure.
• You have gained more weight than you should have.
• If pregnancy has caused Hernia.
• If you constantly suffer through back pain or any such physiological ailment.
• When Sciatica gives you a problem.
• Any joint pain or round ligament pain, a common pain during pregnancy.

Things to keep in mind while buying maternity belts and belly band:
• Comfort: There is no point of wearing maternity belts if you are not feeling comfortable. Make sure that the belts you’re investing your money in make you feel comfortable all day. Belly bands should also feel comfortable and manageable.
• Easy to clean: If you’re not able to clean these items without being a lot fussy about it, then it’s of no use. Make sure to buy bands and belts, that requires least amount of fuss in washing and cleaning them.

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These are some of the best brands for maternity belts and belly bands that you can give a try. Don’t settle for stretchy material, you’ll have a variety of ways to make it adjustable.

Azmed Maternity Belt: Pregnancy isn’t for weak-hearted. You have to go through a lot of painful physical changes. A good maternity belt can help in easing that pain off, and this is that perfect maternity belt which will ease your grumpiness and discomfort. This maternity belt is made of breathable so you don’t feel suffocated and sticky under your band. Stay as comfortable as you can. Hey, getting pregnant and coursing through those extremely difficult nine months is not really a cake walk. It is a big deal!

Mamaway Nano Belly Band support with bamboo charcoal: it’s a perfect blend of excellent materials- nylon, polyester with bamboo charcoal, and rubber. It offers not only relief from the immense backache that breaks a mother down. The bamboo charcoal fibres  have breathable qualities that provides immense relief and comfort.

Baby Belly Band with compression for the groin: Baby belly brings for you all this brilliant support band belly for the abdomen and groin, which is just what every woman needs during pregnancy. The abdominal band is quite adjustable to meet your every specific need. The extremely useful compression groin band that can be attached easily to the abdominal band. This works fairly well for various conditions including edema, prolapsed uterus, SPD, vilvar varicosities. It’s easy to wear and removable to add to the maximum amount of comfort and convenience you can receive out of it.

Artempo Post-pregnancy Belt: Once you have successfully delivered a baby. It is not just finished yet. You may still some extra support during your weeks of recovery. Your belly area and abdominal can receive immense support from this extremely comforting and supportive maternity belt. It will also help in shedding those extra kilos you might have gained owing to pregnancy.
For fastener, it uses Velcro, which makes it greatly adjustable.

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Toros Group Maternity support band: Pretty exhausted already of tugging down your workout shirts to cover your growing belly while you’re on the morning jog. Use this highly comfortable and adjustable belly band. It helps in keeping your belly cooler while running/jogging. And offers great support which you’ll be needing as you’re out there bouncing around during the sun.

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“No longer need to strain yourself during those exhaustive days. Don’t even need to put your comfort aside. Keep yourself, fit, healthy and comfortable. This is the key to your happiness and ultimately to your kid’s happiness.”