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Common Pet Peeves During Pregnancy and How to Tackle Them

Common Pet Peeves During Pregnancy and How to Tackle Them
A man is a social animal His life divided into four phases according to our Vedas. The four phases are: Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (retired) and Sannyasa (renunciation). In the second stage of life : Grihastha , one looks for his partner to settle. The partner gives emotional support undoubtedly. Then comes the blessings of “two” strips of satisfaction, that is, pregnancy.
Pregnancy not only gives responsibilities to a woman but also to a man. Responsibilities of being a father , to earn more for his offspring. To secure a financial future for family.
But pregnancy is as difficult as you have heard about it! A complete term of thirty six to forty weeks.When the ownership of a body of someone transfers to an alien residing in it. But this alien is awaited each and every moment! A would be mother nurtures with blessings and lots of care.
But there is another side to the coin as well. There are pet peeves. This term simply means something that a particular person finds annoying. Pregnancy does not only changes appearance but also physiological and psychological making of a would be mother . The body has hormonal changes which gives mood swings. In that, if you are prone to provoking or annoying, you are not welcome by the would be mother.
During Pregnancy a mother encounters some things like people wanting to touch the bulging belly, their inquisitiveness about the sex of the unborn child or people’s misplaced concern about even eating habits of the mother! Some intellectuals start debate on breast feeding. These situations arise regardless of that whether a mother is really interested in these unwanted actions. Perhaps the one thing a soon-to-be-mother would never like to hear about is the weight gain and the unwanted suggestions to reduce it post delivery.
A pregnant woman is already facing some uncomfortable things like swollen feet, cramps, muscular pains, difficulty in sleeping and strange food cravings and then add to the flavor the society and aunties’ recommendations.
It does not matter if the intentions are good or bad, in that situation, it does get annoying.
These little stings can make anyone less productive and have a constant headache.
The best remedy is to address the person in a very polite manner and request to stop . One can avoid the company of such social beings with altogether. The more you surround yourself with positive vibes, the better will be the your health and peace of mind.
Those stings may seem to be minors but may cost to the health.
Stay Peaceful, Stay Happy!