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Early Pregnancy Tips – Pros and Cons of Being a Young Mother

Early Pregnancy Tips – Pros and Cons of Being a Young Mother

What is the ideal age of pregnancy? –I have heard some pretty wild responses to this question. I have often been in discussions around. Any decision, we take in life has a flip side to it, so does being a parent. What are the early pregnancy tips?

Early Pregnancy Tips – In the 20’s, you will have a lot more energy to deal with the baby, mom’s in the 30s would have a stable career and financial independence and 40 something new mom would be worldly wise, independent and a mature parent. Pregnancy in all the age groups, have advantages and disadvantages.

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There are some pros & cons of early pregnancy- Early Pregnancy Tips

Benefits of being a young mum:

  • You are at the peak of your fertility, and if your partner is around the similar age; the chances of conception are high.
  • You will have much more energy than someone in their thirties or forties to run after a toddler, and lack of sleep will not be a problem during the infant stage.
  • Losing all that pregnancy weight wouldn’t be an issue at all, as in your twenties your metabolism is roaring.

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  • Your body just works better. You’re more flexible, and you can kneel over without getting a backache or chase a crawling baby for hours on end without feeling completely wiped.
  • Bouncing back to your career after a maternity break or sabbatical will be easier as the age is by your side and you have all the energy to concentrate on work and get it going.
  • Lastly, your capacity as provider and caregiver to your child will be much better; by the time you are in your 40’s, your kids would be on their own, and you can enjoy the newly found freedom – travel, take up a hobby, relax or just spend all that money on yourself.

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Early Pregnancy Tips- What may not be the best things about being a young mum:

  • Financial implications, it takes a village and a lot of money to raise a child. So, if you have just started your career; you may be setting yourself up for some major compromises on your progression, budgets, travel, shopping and leisure activities.
  • Relationships, at a young age you are not very experienced or wise at managing the relationships and with the little one in tow. Young moms tend to feel stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed while young dads feel left out by their wives/ partners.
  • Loss of spontaneity that comes with motherhood may hit young moms harder than their elder counterparts, suddenly, you can’t run out the door whenever you wish.”

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Being a mother is a beautiful experience, unmatchable to anything in this world. It is funny, how having a baby makes you stronger and weaker at the same time.

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Lastly, does age really matter when you want to have a baby? All that matters is – when you are ready and after that – everything else falls in place.

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