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Top 5 Signs of A Healthy Pregnancy

Top 5 Signs of A Healthy Pregnancy

Congratulations, You Are Soon Going to be a Mom!

The bond you will have with your child has already begun to form. It’s the start of your conversation with your child. The early signs of pregnancy bring immense happiness into your life and your family waits for a new member to join. During early pregnancy, symptoms you experience are your body’s way of alerting you about all that is happening inside. Being healthy in your pregnancy is of utmost importance.

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From the very moment of conception (when egg and sperm fuse), your body undergoes numerous changes in a very short time. Even before the embryo implants in your uterus, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels rise. This is the beginning of hormonal changes that continue throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. These shifts in your hormones and your growing baby, change your body in amazing ways.
The only way I can explain how it feels to feel my baby move is that it is like a muscle spasm, or like feeling your pulse (except that it’s more irregular).

Few Signs of a Healthy Pregnancy Are:

Sensitive Breasts: The level of progesterone (the hormone that stimulates the uterus to prepare for pregnancy) start increasing when you conceive, and the milk ducts have started preparing themselves for breastfeeding. Tender breasts accompanied by tingling and soreness of nipples are one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. And this is a sign to know that your little one is thriving happily in the womb.

Morning Sickness: Morning sickness is considered part and parcel of a healthy pregnancy. You may have morning sickness that forces you to eat small, low-fat meals throughout the day to help ease nausea.

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Fatigue: General fatigue is normal during the first trimester, as well as dizziness, frequent urination and constipation. To deal with the unprecedented tiredness and fatigue, you must take extended bed rest, eat a healthy diet and sleep peacefully.

Mood Swings: Emotional changes are tied to the hormonal changes that are happening in your body during pregnancy. You might find yourself snapping back in reply to a casual comment or find yourself crying over some small matter.

Increased Vaginal Discharge Throughout pregnancy: Noticing more wetness, an uptick in watery, clear, odourless discharge during pregnancy is normal. The culprit is an increase in estrogen. Besides being a sign that your pregnancy is on the right track, the extra discharge is thought to help cleanse the vagina and even prevent infections from entering the womb.

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Uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms can be a months-long drag. Don’t worry about it, it will go away after your first trimester (depends from person to person and all thanks to the hormonal changes). Just make sure that you are absolutely healthy and take proper rest, schedule appointments with your gynaecologists.
“Stress is no good, and the more positive the attitude,
the better things are for mom and baby,”