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How to exercise in the early, middle, and late pregnancy?

Proper exercise during pregnancy can not only make pregnant mothers energetic but also prevent constipation during pregnancy and many other benefits:

Due to changes in hormones in the body, the joints of pregnant mothers are usually lax, and the joints are prone to fatigue. Proper exercise can promote synovial fluid to enter the joints and make you feel free to stretch your limbs;

Exercise can also promote the brain to secrete more endorphins, allowing you to maintain a good mood. Through exercise, the blood volume in the skin will increase, making you look refreshed;

If the pregnant mother has sleep problems, it is a good way to adjust during exercise. It can help you eliminate tension and restless mood and help sleep. 

Proper exercise and activity of pregnant mothers can regulate the function of the nervous system, enhance the vitality of the heart and lungs, promote blood circulation, and also benefit the growth and development of the fetus.

It should be noted that the intensity of exercise at different stages is different.

First trimester

Early pregnancy is suitable for some slow exercises, such as walking, jogging, billiards, etc. Walking and jogging help digestion, and billiards can adjust your mood. 

In the first trimester, mothers should avoid strenuous exercise, pregnant mothers should avoid carrying heavy burdens on their shoulders, lifting heavy objects, and squatting, standing or bending over for a long time. Such heavy activity will compress the abdomen, cause overwork, cause discomfort to the fetus, and cause miscarriage.

Do not run, lift weights, play basketball, play football, play badminton, play tennis, and other strenuous exercises. Excessive physical exertion, and too much bending, high jump, etc., can easily cause miscarriage 

Second trimester

Exercise is most needed in the second trimester. At this time, the fetus implantation is stable. Pregnant mothers can increase the amount of exercise appropriately according to their physique and past exercise conditions, and carry out exercises within their capacity, such as swimming, pregnant women’s gymnastics, yoga, etc.

Although the amount of exercise can be increased at this time, it is still not allowed to run, jump and other strenuous exercises that easily lose balance. 

Third trimester

The characteristic of movement in the third trimester is slow, to avoid strenuous exercise to cause premature delivery of the fetus.

The fetus develops continuously and is approaching the delivery period, so the exercise should be mainly stretching exercises. Strengthen pelvic floor muscle training, and strengthen muscle training such as legs and arms at the same time, and do a good job of physical and muscle training for childbirth. 

After all, pregnant mothers are not ordinary people. Any exercise must be carried out gently, not too intense, and stop immediately once they become uncomfortable.

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