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Miscarriage : Signs, Symptoms and How to Tackle Them

Miscarriage : Signs, Symptoms and How to Tackle Them

“Have You been Trying for a Baby Lately?”

Sometimes all we need to feel excited about is the positive pregnancy test. As mothers, you do enjoy the very first weeks of pregnancy. You feel so amped up and happy about it.

“But You May Also have One Back of the Mind Fear: What if I Have Miscarriage?”

Miscarriage brings a lot of anxiety to a woman. There is this constant fear nibbling in the back of your mind which even heightens the anxiety level.

Miscarriage Symptoms and How to Tackle Them
Signs and Symptoms of Early Miscarriage. Bleeding. Bleeding during pregnancy is one of the most common miscarriage symptoms,

“There are So Many Myths About it That Disturb a Pregnant Woman a Great Deal.”

Sometimes they incorrectly end up believing to those myths and continue to blame themselves for anything that goes wrong during that phase. They get struck with a lot of guilt and some of them end up assuming that they lifted heavy objects, or did any wrong workout or exercise which might or might not be true. Many think or assume that taking unspecified dosage of birth control pills, or excessive stress endurance have caused miscarriages.

“But Yes, None Ever get to Know What is Something That Actually Triggered Such a Situation or the Actual Reason that Caused Miscarriage.”

According to the research conducted by The American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, that in most of the cases miscarriage is caused due to chromosomal abnormalities. It is usually hard to be prevented or avoided, but yes it becomes some sort of crippling experience for the women who experience this.

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There are certain warning signs that you can keep in mind to anticipate miscarriage like situation.

“This is How You Can Determine What is Normal and What is Something That Can be the Cause for Concern for the Pregnant Women.”

It’s such a topic that a would be mother wouldn’t even want to think about in the very first place, let alone discuss. But it’s a very common issue.

Miscarriage: signs and symptoms
It was a completely normal night—until I saw the blood

Signs and Symptoms:

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  • Most miscarriages happen during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy the first trimester. That’s why so many people refrain themselves to spill the beans of their pregnancy news out until they make it through the first trimester.
  • Cramping with Spotting is the Most Important Sign you Should be Wary of.
  • Bleeding during pregnancy is one of the most common miscarriage symptoms. It should always be brought to the medical attention of a doctor.
  • Extreme pain is another sign that something needs to be looked after. Watch out for the pains in the areas like abdomen, pelvic area, or lower back and can actually feel like terrible aching to period like cramping. Sometimes it is too difficult to distinguish if the pain is normal, since round ligament pain and even cramps are pretty common during pregnancy. 

How to Tackle These Symptoms:

  • Visit doctor as soon as you get to experience any of these aforementioned symptoms. The very first sign of any such troubling symptom is a call for you to meet your doctor.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. You might be regularly and religiously in taking your prenatal vitamin tablet, but don’t think of it as a magical bullet.

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  • A well balanced and healthy diet is the best way to get those nutrients and much needed nourishment for your baby. Keep yourself loading up with variety of fresh fruits and veggies. It will significantly lower your odds of having a miscarriage.
  • Regulate your caffeine intake. Some doctors suggest moms to be to restrict their caffeine intake to not more than roughly 2 cups of coffee, tea or any other caffeinated beverage.
  • Make sure to keep your sugar levels in check. Elevated blood sugar levels can lead to fetal malformation and a subsequent loss.

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  • If you’re taking medication (any over the counter remedy), always make a point to run it past your ob-gyn first to make sure it’s safe for your baby. If possible, try avoiding all medicines while you’re pregnant. That’s the safest way to prevent miscarriage.
  • Besides improving your overall mood, staying relaxed may also help the health of your pregnancy.
  • In One Study, Women Who Claimed to be Happy and Relaxed Were 60% Less Likely to Have a Miscarriage.

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Miscarriage : Signs, Symptoms and How to Tackle Them
Exercising may help relieve some of the stress, anxiety, or depression that comes with having a miscarriage.

“It is also a well-known fact that a woman’s fertility peaks in her early to mid-twenties. It tends to decrease also as she gets older. The quality of these eggs also gets affected over a period of time.

Especially if a Woman Ages More Than 45 Tries to Conceive.

Carrying a baby in their womb becomes difficult and chances of miscarriage gets increased apparently. It is not only the woman’s age that matters and can be the cause of miscarriage. But, her partner’s age is also a factor. The combined age of a couple can be an indicator for the likelihood of carrying a baby to term.”

  • Drinking three or more units of alcohol per week in the first 10 weeks of gestation increases the likelihood of miscarriage. It also increases the risk of having a stillborn baby. Smoking also tends to have hazardous impacts on the entire reproductive system.

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  • Many women tend to give up smoking when they are trying to conceive. They also stop abruptly when their pregnancy is confirmed. There is no level of alcohol which is considered safe for pregnant women. It neither offers any sort of health benefits to you and your baby. Try to replace drinks with soda, mineral waters and semi alcoholic beverages.
Miscarriage Signs and How to Tackle Them
The past year-and-a-half we had gone through four miscarriages, fertility tests, genetic testing,

Have a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!