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Mom to be: Emotional Roller Coaster

Mom to be: Emotional Roller Coaster

All goals go shattered, all dreams get a sink

Everything just comes to an end, when that pee stick becomes pink

The heart becomes empty and eyes fill with tears

When suddenly you realize the responsibility fear!!!


You will soak in the joy of being a mom , And then you visit the doc to know the cure,

The bud you see on the screen is yours for sure.

When echoes of the heartbeat are heard so loud,

All those tensions will be ploughed away, you’ll feel best and proud.

with just you and your child on your brain,

You’ll fall in love with that moment over and again.

No more cries, no more tears, your life will just be changed from now,

The moment of super pride, you’ll soon be having your bundle of joy.

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“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.”

Cute little steps, lots of baby gibberish,

An adorable pout you’ll soon cherish.

A gorgeous little smile, your toddler’s laughter,

You are about to experience a whole new life ever after.

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The shadows of it will dance through your dermal curtain,

Enjoy it to the maximum just forget the weight gain.

Your tummy will grow wider and clothes will become tighter,

You’ll find it difficult to see your feet but your face will be much brighter.

From the moment you hold your baby in your arm,

You’ll never be the same and lose all your calm.

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Days full of burping, feeding, changing nappies and crying,

A never-ending cycle you’ll find yourself dying.

Just remember a mom’s greatest masterpiece is her children.

So just focus on your day today, enjoy your living at this time,

Because when your baby will be finally here, it’ll take away all your time!!

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“Only nine months in your tummy, Lifelong in your heart”