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Premature Delivery : Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Premature Delivery : Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

“Premature Delivery is also known as preterm birth, basically this is a situation when a baby is born at ewer than 37 weeks gestational age.”

Premature Delivery – These babies are known as preemies or premies. It is usually an unplanned event. Though, it is not really such a big emergency but how premature the baby is who is just born decides the gravity of emergency.

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It is not always about natural, sometimes there are certain causes of premature birth, and there are strategies also that you can vouch for in order to delay any such situation.

But, it is needed to be noted that premature birth can’t really be avoided.
Premature birth is a phenomenon riddled with many complications that we are going to curate here in this blog for you all. There are many causes that might lead to problems such as foetus, the mother, or both.

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Premature Delivery: symptoms
To The Mom Standing Over Her Premature Baby In The NICU

However, Most of the Time the Causes of Preterm Delivery are Unknown for Some Obvious Reasons.
When the cause is known, premature birth most frequently occurs as an outcome of a premature rupture of the fetal membranes which initiates labour.

There are certain events that you as a would be mother should be aware of that can stimulate the onset of premature labour. These include:

• Placental abruption, where the placenta gets separated from the uterus during pregnancy.
• Incompetent cervix, where the cervix painlessly and gradually opens before the actual time.
• Hormonal changes, which can cause stress in the unborn baby or mother.

Risk Factors and Consequences Related to Birth:
There are a lot of factors that can affect a pregnant woman and put her and her baby at higher risk for having a premature labour and delivery. Also, your chance of having another premature labour increases automatically, if you earlier had any premature labour.

That rate jumps to 10 times if your previous premature labour occurred before the 28th week of pregnancy. So, it’s important for your physician/health care provider to keep this in mind.

So, that they can provide you proper care throughout your pregnancy period.

• If you are going to give birth to twins or triplets then risk heightens manifold. Increased Use of fertility drugs and other assisted reproduction techniques leads to increase the rate of twins/multiple babies. About half of twins gets delivered before the end of 36weeks. And for triplets, it’s even less, 32 weeks.
• There might be other reasons such as medical complications and any unspecified and undetected infection. Infections such as untreated urinary infections clearly double the risk for premature birth.

Premature Delivery: symptoms, causes and prevention
SIDS a condition reported to be more common among low birth weight and premature babies.


  • Make sure that your urinary infections are screened properly every time you visit for your medical check-ups.
  • Your antibiotics intake should be taken care of.
    • Some of other risk factors include anaemia, slow maternal weight gain, excessive drugging.
  • Rectify smoking and alcohol consumption habits.
    • Underage pregnancy is one of the most crucial factors which also has social issue attached to it. Overage pregnancy like over 40 years, prior multiple abortions, and low per pregnancy weight. Obesity too is the major cause of failed deliveries, miscarriages and preterm delivery.

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How to Prevent Premature Delivery and Its Consequences:

There are some of such risk factors that you can not ignore. But yes, there are general ways in which you can reduce the complications and risk menace.

“Odds of Premature Birth Come up With Their Own Cost. So, it’s Better to Take Certain Suggestive Precautionary Measures.” 

Making necessary changes in your routine behaviors and exercises to encourage a healthy and happy pregnancy, both for mother and baby.

• Quit smoking as early as possible. It’s better to nip this deadly habit in the bud before you plan your pregnancy  as early as you can during pregnancy. Its hazardous impacts are too detrimental for your mental stamina and progeny.
• Avoid drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs.
• Make sure that all the medications that your health care provider prescribed you to evade any harmful consequences are being taken properly.
• Learn to maintain a balance in your weight. Being too underweight and overweight, both are unhealthy. Maintaining an adequate amount of weight is an ideal physical state.

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Since Carrying a Baby in the Womb is Not as Easy as it May Sounds. Balance is The Keyword Here. Maintain a Right Balance and Stay Fit!

Premature Delivery causes and prevention
Taking care of a newborn baby requires changing diapers, feeding the baby, laying the baby on its back,

• Follow up a well-balanced diet. Nutrition and optimal prenatal care is essential. Prevent birthing twins or triplets post 35.
• Avoid standing for long hours and heavy workouts; such as power yoga.
• Make sure to attend prenatal workshops and prenatal classes.
• Maintain your hygiene and avoid infections. It might adversely affect your immune system and health of the foetus a great deal.
• If you have a history of premature birth caused by structural abnormalities of the uterus. These abnormalities can be rectified through surgery before you get pregnant for the next time.
• There are chronic maternal illnesses that you must be wary of. Treat them properly.
• Refrain from having sexual intercourse if you’re at higher risk of premature labour.

“Babies born in premature delivery are at risk of many complications such as hearing problems, speech disorder, cerebral palsy, eyesight problems. So, it’s better to take proper precautions and plan a kid only when you want it and mentally and physically prepared for it.”
Take care!