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8 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy: Things To Keep In Mind

8 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy: Things To Keep In Mind

Tips for a healthy pregnancy – Soon you will become a mother. But before you start taking care of your little bundle of joy, nature gives you time to take care of yourself. Pregnancy is the span of more or less nine months when an expecting mother is supposed to prepare herself for the upcoming busy and tough days. For a healthy pregnancy, she needs to give utmost importance to her health.

Congratulation on Those Two Pink Lines!

Once you come to know that you have conceived, you should start a healthy routine for yourself. A few lifestyle changes, some diet improvements, and a workout routine can keep you healthy and fit throughout the pregnancy tenure. Some of the tips I am sharing here will assist you in keeping yourself sane. However, every pregnancy is different. So, you should consult your doctor before implementing any change in your routine. For example, exercise is assumed beneficial during the pregnancy. But for high-risk cases, doctors mostly suggest complete bed rest. Hence, it is important to be aware of the specifics of pregnancy and accordingly adopt the changes to stay sound and healthy.

Here Are a Few Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy:

  1. After your first visit to the doctor, you are prescribed a few pre-natal supplements (Iron, folic acid, calcium). You should take them properly until the doctor asks you to stop them. They are very necessary for the growth of the fetus. Iron helps to create blood cells and prevents anaemia. Calcium intake ensures bone health for you and your baby.
  2. Doing mild exercises during pregnancy can help you develop not only good stamina but also helps in keeping you active during this span. Exercise improves the strength of pelvic muscles that help you during labor. Exercise, but don’t overdo it. Practice meditation and breathing techniques as well.

  3. Eat healthily and properly. Food is essential for making you strong and for the betterment of your body. A healthy and well-nourished mother is capable of facing the challenges of labor easily. Take balanced and well-scheduled meals.
    Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy
    Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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  4. Drink plenty of fluids (six to eight glasses of water per day). By increasing the water intake, you can keep away toxins from your body. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids.
  5. Take enough rest. It includes both sufficient sleep and regular rest while working the whole day. Don’t keep yourself standing on your feet for too long. Relax in a comfortable chair and if possible, take a nap during the daytime. Bring some change in your daily chores like avoiding harsh cleaning and heavy lifting.

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6. Don’t do self-medication or take herbal remedies without medical consultation. Pregnancy is a crucial time for you and your baby. So, don’t take any medicine without asking your doctor.

7. Read good books, spend time with your friends and do things that keep you happy. Happy hormones help you in staying positive about coming days. You should keep a distance from any kind of stress or unhealthy practices.

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8. There are many books available that can guide you in preparing yourself for coming pregnancy days. Many institutions provide pre-natal classes for moms-to-be to educate them about general pregnancy issues, diet during pregnancy and the birthing process. Joining these online/off-line classes gives you a chance to ask your queries.

Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy
Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Try these simple tips for a healthy pregnancy, and help make life easier in the months ahead.